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Janey Way Memories #163

The Last Janey Way Memory


I published my first Janey Way memory, The Story of the Janey Way Gang, on July 2, 2009. Then, I thought the column would last perhaps a few years. I guess my memory proved much better than I imagined. During

Door-to-Door: Keeping Our Dignity

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By Pat Lynch What if our local politicians tweeted lurid accusations/insinuations about their opponent’s mates? What if we had debates where one candidate said another candidate had tiny hands? You know what that means. And then the tiny hands candidate

Janey Way Memories #162


Learning about My Family History By Martin Relles Back in the 1950s when I was growing up on Janey Way, every Father’s Day my family attended an Italian Picnic in McKinley Park.  In fact, all of my extended family attended.

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood


By Matias Bomal I Saw the Light  The MPAA has rated this R Sony Pictures Classics offers “I Saw the Light” a screen visualization of the life of singer-songwriter Hank Williams, who in his tragically short career, made an indelible

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

New in theaters: The nation of Columbia’s Oscar submission “Embrace of the Serpent”


EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT This film has not been rated. Oscilloscope Laboratories has a studio logo not unlike like the classic Toho-Scope logo of the Golden Era. In glorious black and white, it sets the stage for remarkable cinematography to

Janey Way Memories #161

When Sacramento Was a Boxing Town


By Martin Relles Last Thursday, when I picked up my granddaughter Gabrielle for dance, I got into a conversation with my son-in-law Ryan.  I asked him about his plans for the weekend, and he told me he was attending a

Janey Way Memories #160

Remembering My Favorite Cowboy Heroes

By Marty Relles Back in the 1950s, when I grew up on Janey Way, all my heroes were cowboys.  I watched them every Saturday on a black and white television.  I loved them all, but three of them stood out

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

Bombal and all 4 VCN editionsStory

“Eddie the Eagle” The MPPA has rated this PG-13 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation offers “Eddie the Eagle”, a great, real-life human interest story that follows the life of a determined underachiever to reach the winter Olympic games in 1988.

Janey Way Memories #159 A Mixed-up Neighborhood

By Martin Relles When I grew up on Janey Way in the 1950s and ’60s many Italian families, with names like Costamagna, Puccetti, Viani, Thomasetti, Relles and Petrocchi lived in our neighborhood. However, at second glance, our neighborhood really was

The sun sinks sadly for modernists who loved the Century Theatre domes, which died in loneliness

Century 22 last moments 1 45p 020116 - Matias Bombal Photo_Story

By Matias Bombal The late 1960s concrete domed Jello-mold shaped theaters at Ethan Way in Sacramento will never again show another movie, despite fans of the giant spaces to share movie dreams that rallied to try and save them. Standing