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Steve lived with his sister and her husband. Steve was a handsome man, well built, engaging. His sister got him a low stress, part time job maintaining an office,–some clerical work, some sweeping. “He’s doing great,” she said. “We talk

Farm and Flavor: Allostatic load vs. soup

By Kerin Gould I’m driving along on a smoky fall day, listening to the radio, and I hear Dr. Anthony Iton of the California Endowment, mention the term “allostatic load,” meaning the wear and tear that chronic stress produces in

Farm & Flavor

By Kerin Gould The meadow is turning from green to toast now, birdies feeding babies, drying vetch turning into waves of faded purple, young crops in the irrigated rows bracing for the heat…and soil that went from mud to concrete

Matías Bombal’s Hollywood

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 The MPAA has rated this PG-13 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures releases Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“. Fans of the first movie will not be disappointed; the cast returns with the

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

Kong: Skull Island The MPAA has rated this PG-13 Warner Brothers retools the Eighth Wonder of the World for “Kong: Skull Island”. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts worked from a screenplay adaptation by three screenwriters based on a story by John Gatins.

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

Rogue One: A Star Wars story   The MPAA has rated this PG-1 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Lucasfilm bring us “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” the prequel to the very first of “Star Wars” adventures, “A New

King of Jazz: Restored by NBC/Universal, premiering at Tower Theatre for benefit gala

By Matias Bombal In 1930, an unprecedented mixture of art and technology melded elements of music, dance, theatre, design and visual artistry into a great melting pot of jazz on film. The movies had only been “talking” for three years.

Door-to-Door: Keeping Warm

By Pat Lynch We had ways of keeping warm. We girls wore long, flannel nightgowns and raced to stand over the floor heaters on chill mornings. The warm air rushed up, nightgowns billowed out and we looked like tiny-headed creatures

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

  ALLIED   The MPAA has rated this R Paramount Pictures has had a good year with movies that echo that studio’s past greatness. Their new release “Allied” is yet another example of the studio returning with force as a

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

CAFE SOCIETY The MPAA has rated this PG-13 Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society” is released by Amazon Studios and Lionsgate and marks the first time that the master director has photographed a movie in digital format, a transition from using actual