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THE POCKET WATCH: Six-foot elf takes up residence at Greenhaven Plaza

I always imagine the life of the average Christmas tree lot attendant to be kind of a bitter winter mix of cold and loneliness and backbreaking labor, but if that’s the stereotype, Gregg Jones doesn’t fit the profile. I stand

THE POCKET WATCH: What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, Greenhaven/Pocket edition

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve poured my heart out plenty of times in this column. Maybe too many times. I didn’t want my Thanksgiving edition to be too personal and sappy—I mean, obviously, I’m thankful for my

The Pocket Watch: Pocket Martial Arts school lifts students to national prominence

Ever watch the rain hit a window, and the individual drops weave their paths as they drip down the glass? Sometimes, those droplets can be inches apart, and, yet, they manage to find each other, join forces, and pick up

THE POCKET WATCH: Local entomologist continues his string of discoveries in web of intrigue

It’s difficult to talk to Terry Allen—even if you’ve known and loved him for 20 years plus, as I have—without occasionally stopping as he speaks and thinking to yourself, “There is no way that is true!” But then he pulls

The Pocket Watch: Soccer in Greenhaven functions “for the good of the game”

I was reminded, while watching the World Cup these past couple of weeks, of what a fun and thrilling sport soccer can be. It wasn’t so long ago that I was swearing that no child of mine would ever be

The Pocket Watch: Back off, Thomas Wolfe

It should come as no surprise that, as of yet, I haven’t been able to find a viable way to make a living exclusively as a writer. So, for the better part of the last 20 years of my life,

The Pocket Watch: The man who taught me that Rio bites

It’s coming on a full year since the passing of one of the great figures of my adolescence and my transition into manhood. Late last June, I received word that one of the most memorable and influential figures in my

The Pocket Watch: Parenthood and the Fine Line between Joy and Sorrow

What is the difference, I’ve been asking myself, between my son, whom I recently watched with utter elation walk across a stage to receive his diploma from one of the finest universities on the west coast, and the two boys

THE POCKET WATCH: A Walk in the Park

My old neighbor, Per Ostland, used to marvel at the way walking in the park next to our homes was like being a cast member in some great play. He could tick off the characters: the old guy who walks

Where have YOU been? A 20-year personal retrospective

Of course, no one will remember my first run as a columnist with the Pocket News back in the previous millennium. There may still be some folks in the neighborhood who were old enough to read back then, but anyone