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Personal Journeys photo project

What’s the magic equation for aging well? Is it about health? Exercise? Attitudes and perspectives? Staff members at Hart Senior Center in midtown Sacramento think it’s actually the sum of all these things, plus a lifetime of experiences to build

Janey Way Memories #130 The Blue Bayou

When my daughter Vanessa turned 10 years of age, I took her to Disneyland. Nothing extravagant, we drove down to southern California on a Thursday morning. By late afternoon, we reached our accommodation, my brother’s house in Bellflower, about 10

“This is Art”

McClatchy Library Begins Art Exhibition

Sacramento Artist Maggie Jimenez says, “My artistic outpouring started around the age of six when I learned how to use scissors, needle and thread. I started a project, new wardrobes for my dolls. They were a poorly dressed crop of

Local artist speaks about his passion for creating public works of art in capital city

Editor’s Note: This is the last article in a series about local artist Adan Romo. Sacramento artist Adan Romo, whose notoriety in the art world continues to rise, has enjoyed many opportunities during his life, including studying sculpture in Italy,

California Capital Book Festival offers fun and excitement for book lovers of all stripes

More than 100 authors and thousands of book lovers from 2 to 102 will attend the first California Capital Book Festival, Oct. 25 and 26, at the Sacramento Convention Center. The book festival, which will be a free public event,

Featuring Capital Artists Studio Tour artists from Arden, Carmichael and Fair Oaks

The following Arden-Carmichael area studios will be open on the weekend of Sept. 20-21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Arden-Carmichael News thanks the following artists for submitting information about their works, which we encourage you, dear reader, to

Capital Artists Studio Tour Land Park area artists profiled

The following Land Park area studios will be open on the weekend of Sept. 13-14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Three highlights in the vicinity include happenings at the Broadway Augmented Headquarters, the Delta Workshop and at Verge Center

Featuring Capital Artists Studio Tour artists from East Sacramento, Tahoe Park and River Park

The following East Sacramento area studios will be open on the weekend of Sept. 20-21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A highlight of this weekend includes painting demonstrations at Patris Studio and Art Gallery, 3460 2nd Ave on both

Chautauqua Playhouse opens 37th season with west coast premiere

Chautauqua Playhouse will open its 37th season with the new comedy, “A Visit from Scarface”, by V. Cate and Duke Ernsberger. This is the West Coast Premiere of this funny new show. “A Visit From Scarface” is an almost true

Matias Bombal’s Hollywood

“If I Stay” The MPAA has given this a PG-13 rating. Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and New Line all got together to bring you “If I Stay”, based on Gayle Forman’s book which relates the experience of a young lady in