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Jim Piskoti, A Double Life in Art

By Mark Hanzlik Many artists approach a blank canvas without any expectation or where the creative journey might take them. There are also those who seek immediate gratification, a desire to see their creation come to life quickly. Jim Piskoti,

Know your neighbor: Hoàng Chi Trương Smith, author of TigerFish

By Monica Stark In her memoir TigerFish, Pocket author Hoàng Chi Trương Smith chronicles the tumultuous years growing up in war-torn Vietnam and the abrupt and brutal regime change that forced the disruptive and disorienting coming of age between

Making good pizza better: Land Park’s breakfast pizza revolution

  By Bia Riaz Land Park’s Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream Co. has been a Sacramento institution for over 30 years. Loved and known by locals for its signature Original Breakfast Pizza and quirky hours of operation, it is

South Sacramento joins in National Night Out

By Bruce Tran Special to the Land Park News To many people, participation is one of the key elements of a healthy and thriving neighborhood. Whether it’s through social media or face-to-face interactions, many people in America are now attempting

Kennedy HS Student Selected for national Student Leaders Program

Bank of America announced that five high school juniors and seniors from the greater Sacramento area have been selected as Student Leaders. One of them is from John F. Kennedy High School. Part of the company’s three-year $40 million commitment

Elmhurst resident Amreet Sandhu honored by National Lawyers Guild

By JoAnn Fuller Special to the East Sacramento News Have you ever been at a demonstration and noticed folks with neon green hats taking notes? These are legal observers who have been trained by the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) to

City to release prioritized list of expectations for Panama Art Factory building owner

Sacramento City Council Member Jay Schenirer’s office provided the following statement when asked for an update regarding the notice for artists to vacate the Panama Art Factory building: “The Council office met with the building owner to discuss addressing code

Greenhaven ceramicist details personal experience at the Panama Art Factory

  By Miguel Paz “Panama Art Factory is closing due to a series of building code violations.” That’s what I heard from a friend as I was about to enter Panama key in hand, turning the dead bolt and then

What’s Happening, Land Park?

THURSDAY, JULY 13 MANDALA- THE ART OF MEDITATION (BEGINNING 1): For centuries, people have created mandalas to focus attention, quiet the mind and state of meditation and prayer. Learn how to create original designs for quilts, artwork, stained glass and

Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum transitions into a community association

After serving the community for over a year, The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum will be transitioning into the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association. The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum has served as a venue in which community members could come together to discuss and work