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Steve lived with his sister and her husband. Steve was a handsome man, well built, engaging. His sister got him a low stress, part time job maintaining an office,–some clerical work, some sweeping. “He’s doing great,” she said. “We talk

Door-to-Door: Keeping Warm

By Pat Lynch We had ways of keeping warm. We girls wore long, flannel nightgowns and raced to stand over the floor heaters on chill mornings. The warm air rushed up, nightgowns billowed out and we looked like tiny-headed creatures

Door-to-Door: Memories of the State Fair

By Pat Lynch When we were kids in East Sac we waited every year for the California State Fair. The fair brought amazements—beautiful show horses prancing with pure elegance and gigantic Clydesdales clopping along with hair on their hooves, pulling

Door-to-Door: Keeping Our Dignity

By Pat Lynch What if our local politicians tweeted lurid accusations/insinuations about their opponent’s mates? What if we had debates where one candidate said another candidate had tiny hands? You know what that means. And then the tiny hands candidate

Door to Door: Brand You

By Pat Lynch Everybody knows that cattle are branded. Some cowboy presses a sizzling hot poker into the cow’s hide, singes it with a logo that marks it as the property of the ranch. This cannot be a good experience

Bad Irish Santa

“He has charm, that Dad of yours,” a nice, smiling old lady told me one day after Mass. We stood on the steps of Sacred Heart Church and my father, at six feet, four inches, towered above a group of

Door to Door

There’s a lot of talk locally about Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast), the website for renting temporary lodging. A friend got recently and weirdly involved in this. Joan’s a schoolteacher, divorced, the kids have fluttered from the nest, and she

Door to Door

Like Diogenes who went with his lamp in the daylight looking for an honest man, I’ve been looking for a businessperson who supports a livable wage (around $15 per hour) in Sacramento. They were able to do this in Los

Door to Door: The Week of Sighs

When we were kids an East Sacramento summer was a spree of freedom, even when it was blistering hot. I remember doing the famous fried egg experiment on the sidewalk, but fled the worst afternoons to climb to the top