Fall Tweed Ride in McKinley Park

In tweed inspired attire, bicyclists took to the streets of East Sacramento which began at the beautiful McKinley Park rose garden on Saturday, Nov. 5. The ride took the fun group through Midtown with a stop at the Ella McClatchy Library and at Camp Pollock north of the American River where they enjoyed a picnic lunch together.


Faces and Places: Chinese Community Church fall fellowship and food festival

The community enjoyed delicious Chinese barbecue chicken, pot stickers, live entertainment and fun and games at the 31st annual Fall Fellowship and Food Festival held at the Chinese Community Church on Saturday, Oct. 18. Here’s to next year!


Faces and Places: Crocker-Riverside Elementary students get in the Halloween spirit

Crocker-Riverside Elementary students got in the Halloween spirit. Here is a collection of photographs taken after school on Friday, Oct. 31.


Faces and Places: Chinese Community Church fall fellowship and food festival

The community enjoyed delicious Chinese barbecue chicken, pot stickers, live entertainment and fun and games at the 31st annual Fall Fellowship and Food Festival held at the Chinese Community Church on Saturday, Oct. 18. Here’s to next year!


Faces and Places: 47th Annual Oktoberfest at Sacramento Turn Verein

Sacramento Turn Verein (3349 J St.) celebrated German culture with live polka and rocktoberfest bands, including: Main Festhalle, The Gruber Family Band, Upstairs in the Festhalle, AKA LIVE at its 47th annual Oktoberfest held on Friday, Oct. 10 and Saturday, Oct. 11. In addition to the bands, there was traditional German folk dancing and a traditional German choir, a biergarten, Oktoberfest beer from Munich, wine and Kaffeehaus. Coming up at Sacramento Turn Verein, on Nov. 8, The Sacramento Turner Harmonie presents a free event: Revisiting 160 years of the Turner Harmonie in the grand hall. Doors open at 2:30 p.m., concert begins at 3 p.m. The event will be followed by a concert and dinner dance. Price for the later event is $40 per person. There will be no-host cocktails starting at 5 p.m., followed by dinner. Then, dance the evening away to the sounds of Don Sommerfeld. For information and reservations, contact Barbara Ellis at 799-9557.


Faces and Places: California Middle School through the decades

Be true to your school. That’s Macy’s slogan they’ve shared with schools nationwide, as the department store is currently looking for America’s most spirited and talented lip-dubbin’ student body to wow their judges with their most amazing one-take video. Stakes are high and competition is fierce. Top prize is $25,000, with $15,000 for second place and $10,000 for third! The submission period is currently closed. Winners will be announced on YouTube on or around Oct. 30.
The only song allowed was the Macy’s Back to School Lip Dub version of “Be True to Your School.” It cannot be edited in any way or mashed up with other songs. Students had to use the whole song and loop the song as long as they stay within the 10 minute time limit. Videos will be judged based on school spirit and participation (50 percent), creativity (30 percent), and execution (20 percent).
On Friday, Oct. 17, as “Be True to Your School” played on intercoms through the entire campus, students at California Middle School represented the school through the ages, dressing in period attire, donning outfits from each decade since the school opened in 1938.

Faces and Places: Global Local at McClatchy Park

Curated by Land Park art activism center, Sol Collective, Global Local, a co-created celebration of art, culture, activism and healthy living was held at McClathcy Park on Friday, Aug. 29. The event was co-created by Sol Collective, The California Endowment, City Council member Jay Schenirer, On Native Ground, Cleo Cleo Cartel, Sacramento Native American Health Center, Upper Cloud Media, Brick House, Spanglish Arte, Unseen Heroes, Yisreal Farms, Foreign Native, Gorilla Knitting Crew, Hacker Lab, Brown Berets, Sacras Aztlan, Soil Born Farms/Harvest, ARTober Sacramento, Alchemist CDCD, Oak Park, Neighborworks (Oak Park FM and Oak Park Crop Swap), ZFG, Stephani Bouzard Portraits.

Small Wonders of Africa

Opened on Friday, Sept. 28, Small Wonders of Africa is home to new species at the Sacramento Zoo. Small Wonders houses Straw-colored Fruit Bats, Aardvark, Wolf’s Guenons, Red-billed Hornbill and Crested Guineafowl.

Each of these species help tell the story of East Africa, presenting the challenges of conserving wildlife in this unique corner of the world. The Sacramento Zoo has been an active participant in many East African conservation programs to educate the African people who share the landscape with native wildlife.

Small Wonders has expanded and improved an existing structure – both on-and off-exhibit animal facilities. It replaced the existing mesh with modern, finer-grade stainless steel and glass to allow for greater visibility. The previous parrot, owl, porcupine and lemur habitats (six exhibits in all) were combined to form three large spaces. The renovation also includes an artificial termite mound where guests will be able to observe nocturnal Aardvarks even as they sleep.

So, without further ado, here’s a bit about the animals themselves.

The Aardvark, Zawadi, is a 3-year-old male. He loves to sleep so much that the zoo employees now say he sleeps like an Aardvark instead of sleep like a baby.

There is a colony of 20 straw-colored fruit bats that came to the Sacramento Zoo from the Portland Zoo in Oregon.

Crested Guineafowl are a male and female pair.

Red-billed Hornbill are a male and female pair. Red-billed Hornbills are the bird that Zazu from the movie, The Lion King, represented.

Wolf’s Guenon – Female (Mimi), Male (Eddie). The youngster is a female (Zuri) who was born at the Zoo in January of last year. Zuri does not like taking a bath but it is the one thing mom forces her to do. Zuri has the run of the place and is very curious. She and Mimi can often be found watching the birds and bats in the exhibit next door while eating their breakfast.

Thanks to presenting sponsor The Ron & Shirley Watkins Family as well as many additional donors, over $600,000 was raised to make this project possible.

Come see Small Wonders of Africa.

Faces and Places: Capital Artists Studio Tour in the Pocket

The Capital Artists Studio Tour highlighted Pocket area artists over the weekend of Saturday, Sept. 13 and Sunday, Sept. 14. Pocket’s stop on the CAST was a fun destination for all art lovers, as great artists demonstrated their works and live music entertained visitors on Mast Court near Gloria Drive, across from John F. Kennedy High School.


Faces and Places: Upark (UP+Park) featured garden party and free Sacramento Ballet performance

The Rooftop Alliance for the second year in a row transformed a Midtown parking garage into a pop-up urban park for an unforgettable garden party. In addition to showcasing Parking Day displays, event organizers had free yoga classes, corn-hole competitions, and a performance by the Sacramento Ballet. Rooftop Alliance is a team of green space loving Sacramentans who are working to make rooftop gardens more common and more accessible right here in our urban backyard. Come on out and help be part of creating a one-of-a-kind public park! For information about the group, visit www.rooftopalliance.com