Faces and Places: Volunteers clean up Arcade Creek

Volunteers cleaned up Arcade Creek, filling bags with trash on Saturday, April 13. Some even made art sculptures out of some of the garbage that was found. They were welcome to enjoy a barbecue afterward at Carmichael Park.

The following were locations where volunteers worked:
American River College – Arcade Creek.
Horsemen’s Association – Arcade Creek
Rosebud Lane – Arcade Creek
Pasadena Blvd and Winding Way – Arcade Creek
Arcade Creek Park – Arcade and Verde Cruz Creeks
Mission North Park – Chicken Ranch Slough
Howe Community Park – Chicken Ranch Slough
Creekside Park – Chicken Ranch Slough
Cottage Park – Strong Ranch Slough
Cal Expo Floodplain at Chicken Ranch Slough
Renfree Field – Arcade Creek
Del Paso Regional Park – Arcade Creek
Palm Avenue – Arcade Creek
Carmichael Park (This was a good place for people who wanted to pick up litter but could not negotiate creek banks.)
American River at Sailor Bar

Also, the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) partnered with the Sacramento Area Creeks Council (SACC) to implement protective measures and activities targeted towards keeping area local waterways clean.  A volunteer team was needed to work with SASD employee volunteers to label sewer manholes and pipelines that are near the American River to make them easily identifiable.

Source: http://www.creekweek.net/portal/vcarmichael.html

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