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Shane Singh

Shane Singh

Lost Pets: Sad to report that a neighborhood pet store, Pet Haven, was shuttered in May, leaving the Greenhaven Plaza shopping center in an unannounced move that caught many residents by surprise.  Countless Greenhaven-Pocket dogs, cats and birds found their human families at Pet Haven, which was a full-service shop featuring low-cost vaccinations in addition to adoptions and pet supplies. So it’s a double loss to the community — one less option to outfit our four-legged and winged friends, and farther travel for Spot’s and Snowball’s needs.

Ice Creamed: Another local business, the Cold Stone Creamery, went dark months before the hot summer heat was scheduled to arrive at Lake Crest Center.  The good news is that the neighboring Rite Aid opened an old fashioned “Thrifty Ice Cream” counter to put some chill into June, July and August.  Neighborhood parents won’t complain about the price break found at Thrifty …

Dusted for Prints: In case you wondered why hundreds of people were snaked around the Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library a couple of weeks ago, the answer is: protecting our kids.  The lines were for “Live Scan” fingerprinting of the soccer coaches who will oversee hundreds of recreational youth teams in the fall.  More than 340 coaches and administrators’ prints were processed at this event hosted by Greenhaven Soccer.  Club vice-president Jean Seaton comments, “The volunteer coaches are the backbone of our soccer program, we thank them for waiting in line for the fingerprints.”  And yes, wise guy, no two prints were alike …

The Beautiful Game: Speaking of soccer, Norwich City FC, a bottom-feeder in the English Premier League, takes on Club Dorados of Sinaloa, Mexico in a friendly match at Raley Field on July 18 as part of “Sacramento Soccer Day.”

Warren Smith, the owner of the new pro soccer team notes, “Sacramento Soccer Day will marry the past, present and future of soccer in the Sacramento region. Sacramento has an incredibly rich and intriguing soccer history that has flown under the radar for too long. It is time to celebrate the generations of dedicated people that have laid the groundwork for the incredible soccer culture that exists here today. This event is for them.”  Expect a sell-out crowd. With the Kings staying, you’d think we could have attracted Manchester City, but no such luck. Get your tickets early. I’ll buy a pint at Pocket Bistro for the first reader who can tell me what city Norwich plays in (hint, it’s not London) …

Baby Vice: Exhaustive research by this column has established beyond a reasonable doubt that the bouncing new baby girl delivered by Angelique Ashby represents the first time a Vice Mayor of Sacramento has given birth on the job (well, Angelique wasn’t exactly on the job at the time, but you know what I mean). Congratulations to Mom and family …

Gaggle: Another springtime arrival has taken up residence in The Pocket.  A gaggle of geese has taken up residence in and around Florin Rd. and Windward Way.  The baby geese are about the size of old duck, I’m told (but taste better, I’ll wager).

Summer Reading: The annual Friends of The Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library Summer Reading program kicks off on June 15th at 10 am.  Friends president Kathi Windheim reports that this year’s theme is “Reading is So Delicious!”  Show up for the free entertainment and delicious goodies …

Sacramento Kings: Under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Johnson, the community united and saved our sole major league franchise.  The NBA approved the sale of the team from the Maloofs to a group led by software magnate Vivek Randadive. Randadive Tweeted, “…It is an honor & a privilege to be part of such an amazing community.” We agree.

4 Responses to In the Pocket

  1. Milkeebar says:

    Which city do Norwich CITY play from?!?!

  2. James Rodgers says:

    You need to rein in your uninformed commentary. Norwich City is not “a bottom-feeder in the English Premier League,”as you claim. The team finished 11th of 20 teams and beat both Manchester United and Arsenal last year!

    Try going to Carrow Road, (you’ll know which city to find it in) to see some “beautiful” athleticism, passionate fans, and tough competition.

  3. Gabby says:

    I have missed the gaggle of geese I’d see every morning on my way to work at the stop sign before Corporate Way. Knowing Mr. Singh I can tell you that was a joke regarding their tastiness, albeit a poor one. I hope that drivers are kind and cautious as our little friends settle into their new location and there isn’t any “fowl” play with traffic.
    While I am sad to see these businesses close in our area, I’m happily awaiting the doors of the Grocery Outlet to open. Parking will be certainly a challenge.

  4. Meika Hamisch says:

    You could have left out the part about the baby geese tasting better. I hope you have not eaten any of them!

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