The MAP movie

Image courtesy of Michael Warenycia

Image courtesy of Michael Warenycia

Let’s make a movie! That’s exactly what business associates Robert Ansell and Patrick Powers did. The two have been filming commercials for various clients for the last 20 years.

Patrick Powers a public relations guy and Robert Ansell, an award winning cinematographer started this movie project The Map two years ago. Their daughtesr are the actors; Taylor Ansell age 9, fifth grader at David Lubin Elementary and Gabriella Keobnick age 11, sixth grader at St. Francis Elementary. They formed Two Dads Films and started the long process of movie making.

With a script and a couple of cameras, they started the intensive process of making a movie.

Armed with a 10-page script, they filmed on weekends for two years. The Map is the adventure story of two 9 year olds who find a treasure map while exploring at the Sacramento River.

After getting the treasure map enclosure, they discover the clues of the map.

The treasure hunt takes them all over Sacramento on their bicycles. The two girls discover the iconic art sculptures of Sacramento. The treasure map’s various stops portrays Sacramento as a world class city with no references to basketball. It is about the public art of Sacramento.

The original treasure map was beautifully illustrated by local artist Colleen Pryor. The music and theme song was created by musician Ken Cooper. The adventure takes place over 24 hours in Sacramento.

It was filmed over two years so the girls had to wear the same costumes for two years.

Two Dads Films used a Go Pro helmet camera for some scenes. There is a magic in making a movie but there were many scenes to re-shoot. How many times can you ask a 9 year old, “just one more time” in 105-degree August heat? Since most of the movie was filmed outdoors, the actors encountered extreme weather conditions such as record breaking heat waves. Some of the scenes were shot from an automobile or using a camera attached to a boom and one of the dads shooting the scene and the other dad driving.

Doing the voiceovers was challenging in respect to everyone’s schedules (i.e.: vacations, soccer, summer school, dance class, dentist appointments, homework.

This is a non budget bare bones operation. Hours were spent in editing bays resolving all the questions that happen during the process. The final scenes were filmed at Gunther’s Ice Cream before they opened in the mornings.

A premier showing for friends and family will take place at the Guild Theater located in Oak Park, off Broadway, on Friday, July 26.

If you go:
What: Movie premier for “The Map”, starring East Sac youth
When: July 26 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Guild Theater, 2828 35th St. (off Broadway), Sacramento 95817
Contact: Patrick Powers, 203-5312

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