The Capital Artists’ Studio Tour

The Capital Artists’ Studio Tour is an easy way for people to see art where it is made, to buy art directly from the artists, and to experience art in our community. It is free to tour goers and gives local artists a chance to share their art from the intimate environment of their own studios.
The following Land Park area studios will be open Sept. 14 and 15 from 10 am. to 5 p.m. as part of the two-weekend Capital Artists’ Studio Tour, which also includes open studios in Midtown, Downtown, Natomas and surrounding areas. The following weekend, Sept. 21-22 will showcase artists from East Sacramento, Tahoe Park, Oak Park, Carmichael and surrounding areas.
The Land Park News is very gracious to the artists who have provided us with bios and photos of their work. This guide is an intimate introduction to what the tour has to offer our Land Park neighbors. For more information, visit

Mary Bartels, Elaine Bowers, Mark Harman

Marty Bartels will be working out of Bob Thompson and Elaine Bowers Studio. She makes jewelry and pieces out of metal working with natural stones, silver, copper, brass and gold. Elaine does ceramics and painting and Mark also works on pieces out of metal.
Bartels’ education has been in Art and Design and has continued over more than 30 years at many of the junior colleges in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, as well as Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. She has attended classes in Metal Arts at Monterey Peninsula College for the past 7 years. “I find you are never too skilled to learn something new. My favorite natural materials come from all over the world, and part of the enjoyment and creative process is collecting the stones themselves. I tend towards showcasing the stones/cabochons in clean bezel settings, rather than something complicated or ornate. The pendant becomes the centerpiece, and then I might complement the piece with added beading on a necklace, or sometimes just a simple chain is enough.”
Address: 2623 14th St.

Painting by Mary Kercher

Painting by Mary Kercher

Mary Kercher

Mary Kercher does drawings and mixed media pieces as well as paints and sculpts.
Address: 1129 Perkins Way.

California born artist Mary Kercher came-of-age in Italy where as a young woman she explored the streets of Rome. The masters and classical figures she stumbled upon in her youth are evident in her work to this day. Along with drawing and painting nudes, Kercher experiments with mixed media and has received wide acclaim in Northern California for her figurative clay work. After spending decades interested in design with a passion for working with her hands, whether it be sanding a piece of furniture or rolling dough for pasta, Kercher discovered painting. She was 50 when she walked into her first painting class. When the lesson ended she remembers thinking she had waited her entire life to be in that room. In the following years she chipped away at her dormant talent, studying with Sacramento’s most revered artists. Her paintings are characterized by her vibrant use of color and dramatic abstractions that she blends with human form.
“My work flows best when I have no preconceived idea of what the outcome will be,” Kercher says. “At the same time, I have a laser-like focus as I keep the work moving, malleable and morphing.”
Kercher’s works can be seen by contacting her directly at

Eric Dahlin, Corey Okada

Dahlin has taught ceramics in high school for more than 30 years. He’s 67 now and has been showing his work since he was 15.

Okada has “always found the human figure to be the most appropriate subject matter for my artistic concerns. However, for some time now, I have been doing works of figures with objects, which carry emotional resonance for me. Recently, I have been working on still lifes which incorporate many of the objects I had been using in conjunction with the figure. The intent is to imbue them with a human presence; to make them as ‘figurative’ as the human form itself.”
Address: 3842 West Land Park Dr.

Craig Martinez

Craig Martinez - Raven Landing

Craig Martinez - Raven Landing

Martinez teaches full time at American River College but was a self-employed graphic designer for 25 years. “In 2008 I made the life changing decision to leave my design studio and teach in order to pursue my heartfelt passion to make art.
“These works are composed of wood, wire and other objects that have been used and considered worthless. Cuts, scratches and scars are the features, which make each piece of debris interesting and valuable for my purpose. I am attempting to take materials that have been discarded and give them another life. I am convinced they still have value.
“My artwork is heavily influenced by historical, cultural, and spiritual issues yet these topics may not be clearly apparent in my sculptures. My world-view is based on a fundamental belief in redemption; a form of redemption no longer burdened by cliché convictions but one tempered by the harsh realities of life.”
Address: 4531 Crestwood Way

By Lisa Culjis

By Lisa Culjis

Lisa Culjis

Culjis works as an executive assistant to pay the bills, but feeds her soul by making art. Currently, the art form she most enjoys is mixed media collage and assemblage (3-dimensional collage.) She uses paint, glue, nails, paper, old photographs, vintage imagery, found ephemera, all sorts of small found objects (driftwood, bones, buttons, feathers) and scraps and fragments of discarded things – “the rustier, dustier, more faded and broken, the more thrilling,” she says.
“I delight in collecting these evocative little treasures from yard sales and flea markets and off the street. I bring them home to the studio (where the get even dustier) until the moment arrives to paint, glue or nail them together to create something new. My hope is that the artwork invites viewers to look a little more closely at these assembled bits and pieces of discarded things and captured moments and notice what sort of story we tell ourselves about them. The main reason I create is because the process fills me with joy.”
Home studio address: 1404 Claremont Way, 95822

Kris Marubayashi

Kris Marubayashi is a sansei (third generation Japanese-American) woman, living in California, who returned to clay after a break of 30 years. “I throw cups and bowls, and use a slab roller to create tiles and caldera (sculptural forms). Using a mid-fire clay (cone 4-6), I enjoy creating pieces that are highly textural, and often resemble rocks and geological formations. While I currently work in clay, I am exploring concrete and its ability to be strong, light, and unrestrained in size.” Marubayashi recently participated in the 2013 American Crafts Council show in San Francisco, and was one of nine artists selected for display in the designer-created mini-rooms.
Home studio address: 1448 Oregon Dr. (studio is in the backyard)

Panama Pottery— Susan Kelly DeWitt, Mathew Glaisyer, Nina Lynch, Marsha Schindler, Janelle Sonoda, Glenn Takai, Sandy Whetstone, Randy Won

Susan Kelly DeWitt – Ceramics, mixed media, painting, sculpture

Mathew Glaisyer – Ceramics, sculpture

Nina Lynch – “Nothing engages me as much as working on an art project. I began in art at UC Davis in Printmaking and later added an MS in Resource Management. Science, particularly evolution, biology and chemistry, is regularly the subject of my work. Currently, I try to find ways to understand the natural world in my clay pieces. It is the mysterious and fantastic things about life on Earth that interest me and motivate my desire to construct something new.”

Marsha Schindler – Ceramics, painting, sculpture

Janelle Sonoda – “I enjoy making miniature ceramic sculptures. Each is one of my babies, however, sometimes there is a struggle between me and my creation. Sometimes the clay wins. Currently I am focusing on making animals in a whimsical style. I am often delighted by what develops out of intersection of the mysterious and the world at large. You can see what I do and see what I see.”

Glenn Takai – Ceramics

Sandy Whetstone – “As a wife, mother of two teenage boys, and an English and a Second Language teacher at Sacramento City College, it is often hard to find time for my art. Although I knew from an early age that I wanted to have art in my life, it wasn’t until 2005 that I began to devote much time to it. Now that I have a ceramics studio at Panama Pottery and a painting and crafts studio at home, I find it easier to pursue my passion. Having the studio at Panama Pottery has opened opportunities for me to give ceramics and mosaic workshops. I have also developed, directed and taught a summer art program for children at Bergamo Montessori school, and volunteered at my sons’ schools teaching ceramics, hand-crafts, and tile mosaic.
“Although ceramics is my primary medium, I have worked with bronze, steel, acrylic, silver, fiber, batik and remnants of house remodels. I have shown at Fe Gallery, SMUD Gallery, Solomon-Dubnick Gallery, The Contemporary Temporary Gallery, Union Hall Gallery, The Blue Line Gallery, and the E Street Gallery in Sacramento, as well as in Davis and the Bay Area. I currently volunteer in the Sacramento City College ceramics lab, learning from Mark Boguski and Mimi Fogg. My other teachers and influences have been Micheale LeCompte and Yoshio Taylor.
“I draw inspiration from everything around me, which can lead to a tendency to hoard – ‘I can make something with that.’ Everything is an art project, but my primary influences are from nature, and my work tends to be humorous or whimsical. I believe that there is enough in the world that is disturbing and provoking. I want to create something that makes me smile or laugh. Art is both my therapy and my passion.”
“My other interests include traveling, crafting, fitness, and home improvement. I have lived in Thailand and China and have traveled in Europe, Mexico, and South East Asia, but have always returned to my home in Sacramento.”
Randy Won – Ceramics, mixed-media, sculpture
Creating art is a part-time affair, but it is an integral and necessary part of my life. So, I enjoy the precious time I get at the studio and get messy. I love when ideas come together in my creations that I labor on for days. Overall, making art is something I would like to share and explore.

Address: 4421 24th St., Panama Pottery

Lynne Cunningham, Dwight Head, Todd H. Head, Barbetta Lockart

Lynne Cunningham: “I began painting in 2004 when I rented my first painting studio. My recent abstracts are inspired by the subjects most familiar and close to my heart: cityscapes, landscapes, floral and nature-inspired. Whatever the subject might be, I hope to establish an energized, expressive statement in the painting whether it be a small painting or a painting that’s 6 feet in height. I’ve shown my paintings in more than 40 juried solo, group and museum exhibits. My painting studio is “Lynne Cunningham, Artist”, and is upstairs in the complex at 4330 24th St. There’s another building in the complex with artists on the tour at the 4311 Attawa Ave. address. Visitors can park at either address to access the two buildings.”

Illustration by Dwight Head

Illustration by Dwight Head

Dwight Head – Surrealist artist, media color pencils – Ink – Watercolor
I am a life long resident of Sacramento area. I began attending Sacramento City College art classes in the fall of 1992-93.My instructor was Frank Zamora. I traveled to Europe and lived in Hawaii for almost six years. Upon of my return to California, I was able to advance my skills in drawing with colored pencils and watercolors and collage. My work explores the tension between the individual and the issues within everyday life. I have shown at various other venues such as Art Benicia, Barton Gallery, Maiya Gallery. I have taught at the Crocker Art Museum and two elementary schools in Sacramento and Hawaii. My upcoming events for 2013 are: Crocker Art Museum Big Name Small Art on May 24, KVIE Art Auction Sept. 20-22. The artist gallery tour Sept 14-15 at the Center for Contemporary Arts, the Sacramento Yes We Can project on Oct. 12 at University Art store on J Street.
Address: ITSA Studio, 4330 24th Street No. 2.

Todd Head – From acrylic to oils, and water colors, to doing realistic paintings, landscapes, portraits, and some abstracts, Todd Head’s new works are mixed-media and includes, found objects, some he’s had for years until an idea for its use comes to mind. His influences are artists he’s seen such as paperworks, collage, textile, fiber art, ceramic, mosaic, glassworks.
Address: ITSA Studio, 4330 24th Street No. 2.

Shirley Hazlett, SK Lindsey, Patricia Mills

Shirley Hazlett is a visual artist based in the Land Park area of Sacramento and has an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. Shirley has exhibited work through the California Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, and Axis Gallery, all in Sacramento; the Pence Gallery in Davis; the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica; the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco and the CityScape Art Space in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Shirley has a series of four paintings permanently installed in the main lobby of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center in Sacramento. Shirley also is Vice President of the ARTFriends of the Nelson Gallery, UC Davis.
In September 2013, Shirley is exhibiting a new series of fiber sculptures at the Sacramento Temporary Contemporary gallery and is opening her Land Park studio on the first weekend of the studio tour. Works available during the studio tour range from $100 to $2500 in price. Shirley paints with watermedia on fiber media – from silk to cotton or wool paper. She often uses fluid colors referencing earth, land, and water. Her website is:

Address: >4311 Attawa Avenue in JAM Art Studios Building

SK Lindsey (Painting, printmaking)
JAM Art Studio, 4311 Attawa Ave.

Patricia Mills - I Am Your Chief

Patricia Mills - I Am Your Chief

Patricia Mills: “After returning to graduate school in 2007, I have had a busy art life, including commissioned paintings created for Nicholas Sparks’s Private collection, commissions for Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota and exhibiting at the London Olympic Games in 2012. A current painting is now in the permanent collection of the World Olympic Museum in Lasaunne, Switzerland.
“Receiving the Jurors award for the painting based on the photography of Edward Curtis, renowned photographer of Native People in the 1800s. This series will be on exhibit at the University of Kansas Student Union Multicultural Resource Center, Lawrence for six months in 2014. I currently teach art on the Crystal Cruise Line, where I am traveling the world, teaching art to the cruisers. Countries visited include: Russia, South Africa and India and many more.”
Address: 4311 Attawa Avenue in JAM Art Studios Building

Jerald Silva

“Think Chair and Shower Curtain” is a watercolor painting by Jerald Silva. “A ‘Think chair’ is one that I spend a lot of time sitting in while assessing my work. Sometimes it is this chair and sometimes it is that one. The chair changes but for long periods of time I find a particular chair to think from. In this painting I tried to reduce the color values so that they reflect many small kinds of ideas when pondering a painting. Large ideas usually occur when driving long distances or waking from a night’s sleep. The color values in the actual shower curtain are not as subdued as those I have offered here. I wanted the painting to be quiet as was the process of concentration. No theatre. No drama. Almost silent.”
Home studio address: 3508 24th St. near 10th Avenue in Curtis Park.

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    She moved from a studio gallery and I’ve lost track of her. There are a couple pieces of hers that I want to buy.

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