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By Greg Brown

Mercado Loco’s last days on Sutterville and Franklin are nearing. New work begins in about a year or year and a half for a new CVS Pharmacy, which will take its real estate. Photo by Greg Brown

Mercado Loco’s last days on Sutterville and Franklin are nearing. New work begins in about a year or year and a half for a new CVS Pharmacy, which will take its real estate. Photo by Greg Brown

The blueprints have been drawn up. The property will be vacated. Mercado Loco is saying adios to their Mexican food market on the corner of Franklin Boulevard and Sutterville Road. I guess folks need their Lipitor because a CVS pharmacy is taking over that spot.
I spoke with Fred Emery the manager of Mercado Loco who said, “We’re not too happy about leaving but, we’re just a small company”. He’s also unsure of where they’ll move. Hopefully all the employees go with him to the new location.
A lot of local people love the market. Local food blogger Ally Gaffin, who writes a Girl And Her Fork, raves about the Mercado Loco at Sutterville and Franklin. “I love strolling through their produce department, everything is always fresh and so inexpensive! I usually will stock up on jalapeños, fresh garbanzos (in the pod), limes and cilantro during my visit.”
The Mexican market also gets a lot of kudos on Yelp. David O writes, “I don’t just shop local, I shop loco!”
And I like the Big Pink Mexican cookies also known as polvorones rosas. You’ll never find that at a CVS.
Work on the new CVS will begin in about a year or year and a half.
Surprisingly, without talking to anybody, the Sacramento Children’s Home cut a deal with CVS to develop it. They didn’t exert any influence over the design aspects. They got a cookie-cutter suburban anywhere USA CVS plan.
The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Concerns Committee saw the plans and thought, “Ugly, Ugly, Ugly“. They asked CVS for brick, arches, and bigger and lower windows for a better pedestrian experience. They also moved the bike parking from the back corner to “rock star bike parking” right in front. The reason for parking in front is it deters theft.
CVS was also doing a very urban unfriendly thing by asking for more parking spaces than the city required. There was no evidence that they actually needed that much blacktop devoted to parking, about ten or fifteen more spaces. They will be doing a little more landscaping to replace the blacktop.
I guess it’s not all bad for my fajita loving friends. They’re getting rid of the recycling center in the parking lot. Some local residents are not fans of the recycling center.
CVS is an anywhere USA type of store. And I doubt they’ll have a salsa fridge. It’s too bad a store with character has to move out because CVS has the big bucks.
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  1. Greg

    The Mid Century Modern expert has spoken. Way to go Gretchen! There has been no blowback from the neighborhood.

  2. Gretchen

    This store serves a lot of people. I think if the adjacent neighborhoods affected by this would rally — if community activists were to step forward — there’s a chance that the store could be saved. I’d rather people be able to walk to the store to get fruits and vegetables than hobble over there to get overpriced junk and medicine designed to counterbalance poor access to fruits and vegetables.

  3. Ben

    This just came up on the Curtis Park Nextdoor site and is getting some reaction. There is also a change.org petition asking them to keep the Mercado Loco.



  4. Mary Jo

    It seems that the folks that want to keep the market are the ones that live just north of Loco Market. I go there several times a month and most of their customers are Spanish speaking who don’t walk but come in old trucks. CVS will generate a lot more traffic so keeping a small market would not create the noise and traffic a chain pharmacy would.

  5. joe f

    maybe cvs should open their store in the new Curtis Village. most of the cvs’s and walgreens i’ve been to have pan handlers hanging around asking for money.

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