Tahoe Park resident to open up pub theater in old Tahoe Market building

Editor’s note: This is just a brief announcement of what’s to come in Tahoe Park: a pub theater! See the next issue for an interview with neighbor Jackie Nadile.

Neighbor Jackie Nadile announced she will be opening up a pub theater in the old Tahoe Market building on 14th Avenue at 55th Street called Public House Theater. What the concept entails, briefly, is to go watch a movie in a pub setting with comfortable communal-type seating, including couches, chairs, and tables. She explained that while you watch the movie, you can enjoy a microbrew from locals, and various wines. There will also be food available. The occupancy of the space would seat 20-25 people. It would be a perfect place to walk or ride your bike to on a summer night, take in a movie and a brew. It also would be open only a few days a week to start.”

Remodeling will begin within the next two weeks and an application for beer and wine has been submitted. Nadile is hoping the theater opens by the end of May or beginning of June. There will be a lot of clean up of the space first, then a lot of painting.

She’s curious what people want the first movie to be. I’m pulling for The Big Lebowski or Easy Rider.

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  1. Such a unique business venture, I wish Jackie Nadile all the luck then some your buddy “Al the Green Rain Train”
    Alfred Guajardo

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