A woman’s drive to make Tahoe Park streets safer

Tahoe Park resident Adelita Espinoza is on a mission to make Tahoe Park streets safer.

Tahoe Park resident Adelita Espinoza is on a mission to make Tahoe Park streets safer.

Adelita Espinoza strides quickly through the crosswalk on Broadway and 53rd Street.
“Tahoe Park is where I was raised and where my mother brought me home after I was born,” says the attractive, 40-something activist who works intermittently as a film producer on documentaries and television pilots.
A graduate of St. Francis High School, the vivacious woman has lived in New York, San Francisco and Stuttgart, Germany but keeps her house in Sacramento for time spent “between jobs.”
Adelita, who currently lives on Broadway, a couple blocks away from the 53rd Street crosswalk, says that the raised median and street markings are entirely unsafe. “Cars don’t hesitate to drive right over the center median in the middle of the crosswalk,” she says.
A broken sign post in front of the concrete island or median once warned drivers to be cautious as they drove through the crosswalk. Recently, though, the sign was destroyed by a vehicle and has not been replaced. A remaining sign is bent and twisted from car collisions. The median curb, as well, is scuffed by tire marks and appears to be crumbling.
“Seniors from the apartments on the north side of the street use the crossing all the time,” says Espinoza.
While standing near the intersection I notice an elderly couple attempting to cross the street. They both have to raise their arms to try to get cars barreling down Broadway to slow down or stop in order to walk to across the street. Even with the crossing marks and the median, going across Broadway seems to be a difficult proposition.
“In the morning,” says Espinoza, “kids going to Tahoe School are in a dangerous situation because cars routinely go right over the curb.” She notes that the bike lane along Broadway abruptly comes to an end at the 53rd Street crosswalk. “The kids that walk to school need the extra space all the way to Tahoe Elementary,” she explains. Cars, she adds, often go over the graded curb which joins the sidewalk to the street.
Perhaps, she says, bike lanes can be extended and a “rotary” or driving circle can be constructed at the 53rd Street and Broadway intersection that effectively stops traffic and makes it both safe for children and seniors.
Espinoza says she has formed a group, The Tahoe Park Preservation Association Initiative (or TPA for short) to look at this and other safety issues that beset the neighborhood area.
A TPA meeting and walk audit has been set for Saturday, June 28 at the Tahoe Park Collaborative Center at 5959 8th Street so residents can “make their voices heard by citing streets of concern” in the neighborhood. The gathering starts at 10 a.m. and the walk will continue along the busy streets of Tahoe Park. The estimated end time is 2 p.m.
Meanwhile, Espinoza is not entirely content with just having the upcoming meeting on June 28. Before then, she explains, she has arranged a meeting at the Mayor’s office to voice her concerns. In addition, she has tentatively identified a “fiscal partner” which will help provide seed money for TPA.
Along with dealing with safety concerns, she says, she would like to work with Tahoe Park residents to preserve interesting and outstanding architectural features that make Tahoe Park unique and special. In her activist work, she expresses the fact that she has “reached out” to the current neighborhood association but has decided that she could focus on problems more quickly (especially on the Broadway concerns in the Northwestern corner of Tahoe Park) by forming a new organization.
For those wanting more information about TPA, the provided contacts include tpacomm@gmail.com or the website at tpacomm.wix.com/tpa-1.

If you go:
What: The Tahoe Park Preservation Association meeting and walk audit
When: Saturday, June 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Meet at Tahoe Park Colonial Collective, 5959 8th Street

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