On the Curbs

Diane and Indie cruising the curbs in East Sac are difficult to overlook. Photo by Michael Saeltzer

Diane and Indie cruising the curbs in East Sac are difficult to overlook. Photo by Michael Saeltzer

What weighs more than 200 pounds, eats about six cups of dog food a day, not including snacks like pumpkin and other veggie treats, is about 3 years old, and is as furry and as friendly as can be? Meet Indie, an Irish Wolfhound, named after Indiana Jones. I was on my way to Tupelo and could not help but notice Indie and his owner Diane sauntering on the curbs of Elvas Avenue. Indie, you definitely make an impression and welcome to East Sac from your home turf of Folsom!

Did you know that children’s reading abilities improve dramatically when they read to a dog? That’s right. Researchers believe that it significantly reduces the emotional anxiety that so many children experience while learning to read aloud. Although Indie will not be able to make it on Oct. 7, Tuesday at 3 p.m. children ages 6-12 are invited to the McKinley Library to read to a trained therapy dog and adult volunteer. Children may bring their own books to read to a furry friend  or they may borrow a book from the library’s collection.

Poetry anyone??? The International Poet: Writing Across Continents (Adult) a class also being held at McKinley Library will involve reading and writing poetry in international styles! Poet and editor Frank Dixon Graham will show us poetry from around the world in this eight week series. Attend one session or all eight.  This week’s class – Middle Eastern Poetics. Looking at the poems of Hafiz, Rumi, and other more modern writers. The first class is Oct. 4, Saturday, 10:30 a.m.

Elsewhere on the curbs of East Sac residents can find the brand new Village Post Office sign outside of Compton’s Market. What this means is that anyone can simply stop by Compton’s to mail their packages and boxes right their in the store via the U.S. Postal Service. We now have a neighborhood post office in the store.

Look a bit further down the curb in Compton’s parking lot and note the Theodore Judah Annual Fundraiser is being held on Saturday, Oct. 4 from noon to 4:30 p.m. Festivities will include barbecue cooking, gobs of food, a separate wine and beer tasting area, two jump houses, live music, raffles galore, and maybe even pony rides. Sunil and Pam, the owners, get the “tip of the hat” On the Curb Award for community service. When you are there, be sure to thank them for everything they continue to do.

Who remembers Mike Majors and the Electric Bike Shop that was once located on 36th and J near Big Spoon Yogurt? I was quaffing a stein or two with my buddy Barry watching the Giants beat L.A. at The Raven and I fell into conversation with Mike. What a great guy! Mike’s background is in Civil Engineering and after taking over his family’s business many of his clients were the “Big Oil” companies. He felt a void in his life and started the Electric Bike Shop which is still in business, but now located on 202 23rd Street (near the intersection of 23rd St. and Blues Alley). So glad you are still in business, Mike. You are a wonderful part of what is on the curbs in our community!

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