Janey Way Memories #130 The Blue Bayou

When my daughter Vanessa turned 10 years of age, I took her to Disneyland. Nothing extravagant, we drove down to southern California on a Thursday morning. By late afternoon, we reached our accommodation, my brother’s house in Bellflower, about 10 miles away from Anaheim.
That night, we visited with my brother Terry and his wife Elayne. Then, next morning, we got up early and drove to “the happiest place on earth.”
It was great. We drove into the park about 9 a.m, found a spot, and parked. Then we got out and walked to the stop for the tram going to the front gate. On the way, the monorail went over us, taking the patrons of the Disneyland Hotel into the park.
Soon, we caught our tram and motored off to the front gate. There, we bought our tickets and passed through the gate into the park.
What a thrill. First, we walked up Main Street to buy Vanessa her Mickey Mouse ears. Then we strode off to start our adventure. We went on all of the rides: the Matterhorn, the Autopia, the Star Wars ride, the Monorail, the African Jungle Ride, Big Thunder Railroad, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. We had a wonderful time together, but by early evening we were quite hungry.
So, we set off in search of a place to eat. We looked everywhere. All the usual places were full. Then we came upon an upscale little place near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Adventure Land called the Blue Bayou. It looked a little pricey, but the line was small. So, I put our name on the waiting list.
Soon, the hostess escorted us to our table. It was exquisite: white table cloth, nice china, silverware, and crystal. What was even more impressive, it was located right by the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. You could hear the laughter and chatter of the people getting onto the ride. You could feel the mist of the canal that carried the patrons into the ride. It felt like a Caribbean cruise. And the meal was wonderful.
After dinner, we went out to see the Disneyland parade and the end of day fireworks. It was a wonderful and memorable day, one I have never forgotten.
Last week, Vanessa and her husband Ryan took her oldest daughters Gabrielle and Madeline to Disneyland. They drove like we did. However, they stayed at a hotel near Disneyland. On the first morning, they shuttled to the park, bought their passes and went in the front gate.
Just like we had done, they took the girls on all the rides. And, by the end of the day, every one was famished, so they set out in search of a place to eat. What did they find? Eventually, they found the Blue Bayou. Vanessa remembered it, so in they went in.
They had a wonderful time. Vanessa even posted a picture of the girls on Facebook. She noted, “We ate at the Blue Bayou Restaurant where my dad and I ate almost 30 years ago. It was a great memory.”
Now, Vanessa, her husband and daughters have a Janey Way memory of their own.


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