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Freddy happily enjoys his Batman popsicle from the Ice Cream Man. / Photo by Greg Brown

Freddy happily enjoys his Batman popsicle from the Ice Cream Man. / Photo by Greg Brown

The Ice Cream Man brings back memories of childhood, like running after the ice cream truck and waving a quarter I shook from my piggy bank on a hot summer day.

The Ice Cream Man was trucking through our neighborhood the other day. I could hear the familiar ice cream truck jingle.

I yelled to my 5-year-old-son, “Ice Cream Man!”

My wife and I looked at each other and thought, “Why not? It’s good times.”

So we all went out front and waited for the ice cream man to stop at our house. My 5-year-old-son got a Batman ice cream on a stick. He was very excited about picking out an ice cream treat from a passing vehicle. Now every time he hears the Ice Cream Man he thinks it’s carte blanche to “get more ice cream.” We now have weekly limits on fudgsicle bar consumption.

Whenever I think “Ice Cream Man” I think Van Halen. “Oh my my, I’m your ice cream man,stop me when I’m passin’ by. They say all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy.”

Ah yes, more childhood memories.

Unfortunately, Over The Fence has learned that a Hollywood Park resident has officially complained to the city of Sacramento about the ice cream truck weaving through the neighborhood and selling frozen treats.

A woman is actually trying to campaign against the ice cream truck, and believes that it turns the neighborhood into “ghetto city.” Her biggest complaint is that the ice cream truck music is “too loud.”

I assume she’s never been to a Van Halen concert.

Now granted, ice cream trucks aren’t what they used to be. But what is these days? Most of the ice cream trucks driving through the neighborhood are beat up old vans. But, c’mon. Trying to shut down a childhood tradition seems NIMBY 3.0.

It’s a war against Eskimo Pies!

Perhaps a gated community would be a better location for folks who hate ice cream trucks and the loud tinny music they bring. Over The Fence will keep you posted on the ice cream truck controversy.

Steve Stewart serves up another taco plate on Taco Tuesday. / Photo by Greg Brown

Steve Stewart serves up another taco plate on Taco Tuesday. / Photo by Greg Brown


It’s Taco Tuesdays at Leonardo da Vinci School during the Land Park Pacific Little League games. Every Tuesday afternoon, League Umpire and Chief Steve Stewart, and his partner and cook, Steve Ysias, offer street-style chicken or beef tacos with beans, rice and chips, too.

Steve Ysias told me he’s the cook and Steve Stewart is the mouth. “Works out perfect,” he said.

It’s only five bucks a plate. That’s a cheap meal. Part of the proceeds go to LPPLL.

I had a one of the chicken tacos…delicious! Steve told me he marinades the meat for days. The smell of Mexican street tacos wafted through the crowd of parents watching their kiddos play ball at the LDV baseball field. It seemed to entice them into ordering the taco plate because Steve got cleaned out. No more beans and rice. He had a post game taco rush.

Kenny Romeo was scraping the plate with his fork when I asked him, “How’s the food?” He said, “I think the empty plate speaks for itself.”

Steve and his crew will be back every Tuesday at LdV in Hollywood Park for more Taco Tuesdays. Drop on by and dinner’s done.


Now it’s time for some rumor patrol about the Curtis Park Village project. I was told by a Curtis Park activist that developer Paul Petrovich was interested in buying the two properties across from the development on Sutterville Road. One building houses the Sacramento Art Glass and the other is American River Finishing.

Some residents were theorizing that Petrovich wants to use it as a spot for a gas station across the street from the CPV if his gas station permit is denied.

On Nextdoor, Neelie Joyce, who owns Sacramento Art Glass said, “Petrovich is trying to buy the property my business is on at 2500 Sutterville Road. He’s attempting to bypass the CPV problem and tear down our business to place the gas station there, across the street from the current development. I know there have been talks; the property is not necessarily available for sale (at this moment – ask again next week) – but we’re pretty scared!! If the property owners decide to sell, there’s not much anyone can do!!”

I tried to contact the owner of the two buildings, Paulette Erfert, but she never returned my phone calls.

I reached out to Petrovich via e-mail about this rumor and he wrote, “I looked at Paulette’s property a while ago and it didn’t make sense due to the enormous amount of infrastructure to develop it.”

So there you have it. Rumor squashed.

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