Land Park man’s best friend is Rosebud, the Bulldog

Jack Peyton and his English Bulldog Rosie rest near a bench in William Land Park.  /  Photos by Greg Brown

If you’ve spent any amount of time in William Land Park you’ve probably come across Jack Peyton and his loveable 9-year-old English Bulldog, Rosebud, or Rosie for short. They spend three to five hours a day in the park walking, sitting, and meeting other park goers.
Jack and Rosebud are regulars at William Land Park. They cover every inch of the park. Even the golfers know Rosie. Folks walk right up to Jack and Rosebud, say “hello,” and pet the top of Rosebud’s wrinkled little head. Her smushed up nose sniffs for a treat from a familiar face. Rosebud is all about the kibbles and dog biscuits. “You have to pay to pet,” Jack joked.
Mornings and afternoons are their “go” times.Unless it’s one of those scorching hot Sacramento afternoons because that’s when they stay in the air-conditioned confines of their home. Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat. Jack parks his Ford Ranger pickup on 11th Avenue and Land Park Drive and walks toward the zoo. They have their regular stops. Sometimes they walk towards the duck pond, or the WPA Rock Garden. But make no mistake, Rosebud is the boss. She’s leading Jack around by the leash. She’d drive the Ranger if she had a license. “She’s in charge,” Jack said. Wherever Rosebud wants to go, Jack follows.
If he hasn’t walked her that day Rosebud starts pacing the room to hint, “Hey, lets hit Land Park, Jack.” That’s when Jack packs up the kibble and heads on over to the park.
Jack joked to me over the phone that Rosebud is better than a wife. “That’s unconditional love,” he chuckled. “No questions. No feedback.” And no unexpected bills from Nordstrom’s.
Jack lives off Riverside Boulevard and told me occasionally Rosebud makes a beeline down the street to Land Bark Pet Supplies. That’s HER Nordstrom’s! “It’s just nonstop, like swoosh,” Jack explained. I guess Rosebud gets strong cravings for their kibbles.
Jack and Rosebud used to walk over to Ford’s Hamburgers when it was still open. Every Tuesday morning before they’d open for business they would give Rosebud a load of bacon strips. Rosebud loved the bacon from Ford’s. Sounds a lot better than Snausages, doesn’t it? “She does get cranked up about food,” Jack said.
Rosebud isn’t all about kibbles and bacon. She also eats vegetables. Rosebud is getting her fiber. She eats carrots, apples and tomatoes. Jack learned about her penchant for tomatoes one day when there was a tomato on the ground at the park. On the first day he told Rosebud to “get away from that.” On the next day, bam! She engulfed it without hesitation.
With thick folds of skin, round black wide-set eyes, drooling lips and pointed teeth, Rosebud has the typical Bulldog appearance. She has an extreme underbite no orthodontist could fix. The crooked teeth give the dog character and charm. “She’s the ultimate cartoon dog,” Jack bragged.
It’s difficult to imagine but Bulldogs were bred to fight bulls. Jack told me they called it “bullbaiting.” They would bite on bulls’ lower lips and hang on. Maybe that explains the pointed teeth.
Evenings are low key for Rosebud. I asked Jack once the day is done, “How does Rosebud unwind?” After dinner, which is usually between 4 and 6 p.m., she just curls up and goes to sleep until the next day. Dog tired! I assumed Rosebud slept on a plush pink dog bed with a blanket that had “Rosebud” emblazoned on it. A pampered pooch. But, no. She actually has three bed spots. Two of them are just crate liners with a ridge of fake sheepskin. She also has a towel she likes to sleep on. Nothing fancy for Rosebud. Jack added, “The best part about a Bulldog is they snore.”
So if you’re walking, running, or just enjoying beautiful William Land Park, look for Jack and Rosebud taking a stroll. They’ll be near the dog treats.

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    We want to adopt rosebud. 916-595-1345!!!

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