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Over the Fence columnist, Greg Brown, is also a chef at the little league snack shack. Nice hat.
The Culinerdy Cruzer food truck was on location at the fundraiser for Georgia Kukowski, a mother of two who is undergoing cancer treatment not covered by her insurance. / Photos by Greg Brown

Manning The Grill At Dooley Field

Life as a Little League Dad. The Land Park Pacific Little League is winding down and my son’s t-ball team needed volunteers for the snack shack at Dooley Field.
It ain’t no dinky shack. It’s more like a small restaurant. With help from other parental volunteers on the Royals, I pitched in to help. I don’t have a lot of food service experience, although I did work at Round Table Pizza in my youth. I made pizzas and worked the salad bar.
Luckily there is no kale, salad, or sneeze guard at the Dooley Field Snack Shack. It’s all about the hotdogs and hamburgers.
Since I’m the backyard barbecue grill-master at home, I volunteered to start off grilling on the Dooley Field gas grill. It’s a behemoth.
I even donned an apron to catch the juicy splatters of the meat. It would have been cool to wear one of those big white chef hats the carvers at Sam’s wear. That would make me look more official.
The best part of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers at Dooley Field is the picturesque view of the ballpark. While the hotdogs got plump and the hamburgers sizzled, I watched the Cubs take on the Phillies. There was a crack of the bat and I looked up to see the Cubs center fielder make a one-handed grab deep in center field. He got an appreciative cheer from the crowd in the bleachers. Nice catch!
Besides hotdogs, hamburgers and candy galore, the snack shack also offers deep fried tater tots and French fries. One of the parents was in charge of the fryer that was cooking up the tots and fries. The Krunch Bars and Big League Chew bubble gum were also big sellers.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular food items was Taco In A Bag.

We rang up quite a few orders for Taco In A Bag. Not sure where the idea for taco in a bag came from but, it’s got Little League Dad written all over it.
They’re really quite simple to prepare. You open up the Doritos chip or Fritos bag. Then you pour chili, cheese, lettuce and salsa on top and that’s what they call Taco In A Bag, an easy on-the-go snack for the kids. Or for Dad!
I’m waiting for the Taco In A Bag food truck!
Once the two ballgames were over the Little Leaguers came running to the snack shack. That’s when the action really heated up. Tater tots, hotdogs, hamburgers, and yes, the Taco In A Bag were flying out the snack bar window.
Once the deluge of hungry little leaguers was over, it was time for the cleanup crew.
Love For Georgia Fundraiser
It was a special night of giving at New Helvetia Brewing Company. Friends, family, and the local community showed up in force for a fundraiser for Georgia Kukowski, a woman they love.
Pedro Tiago Ferrer was spinning cool tunes, the Culinerdy Cruzer was serving up the grub, and there was face painting for the kids. Not to mention a slew of awesome raffle prizes.
Parents were sipping a pint and socializing with each other while children weaved and snaked their way through the crowd.
The night was celebratory, but had a serious purpose – to raise a pint and some funds for Georgia.
Georgia has been fighting stage 4 breast Cancer for 2 and a half years. She recently found out the cancer has spread to her liver.
Shannon Tarter, a close friend and organizer of the fundraiser, said “Georgia is a very caring woman. She has a lot of courage.” She added, “She feels great, she looks great. Which is not reflective of her battle.”
The Love For Georgia fundraiser started on Mother’s Day. Georgia has two school age children that attend Alice Birney Elementary and she hopes to begin treatment once the school year is over.
Nicole Oehmke, a friend of Georgia’s, said, “When my children needed extra nurturing, she’s been there. She is who I can’t be for my kids. She loves them as they are. She loves them for who they are.”
In 10 days, they’ve already raised an astounding $60,000 for Georgia. And they’re not done yet. All of the funds will go for Georgia’s medical fund covering, and there’s a lot of it. The immunotherapy treatment she would like to undergo next is not covered by her insurance.
On Georgia’s Youcaring website she says,
“Cancer college is teaching me that some people are ashamed of their cancer. Some people try to hide it or isolate themselves. That is not me. I am not ashamed. I don’t know why I have cancer, but I don’t think it was something I did…or didn’t do. It just is. And I will find my way through this. And so many of you are right by my side. My army of love and light. Thank you. Thank you. And one more time THANK YOU!”
If you want to donate, or learn more about Georgia and her fight:

Land Park Farmer’s Market Makes A Move
The Land Park Farmers Market is moving from William Land Park to Sacramento City College. It will now be located at the corner of Sutterville Road and 21st in the Sac City parking lot
I spoke with Emily Lipson over the phone and she told me, “We’ll be more visible and also we’ll be able to add more vendors and beef up the market for the summer months. It’s an easier and better location for us.”
Summertime means more farmers and a bigger market for the Land Park neighborhood every Sunday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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