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Universal Pictures, the king of monster movie studios, brings the Amblin Entertainment production of “Jurassic World” in 3-D to IMAX screens across the USA. The eagerly awaited summer block-buster that returns to Isla Nublar 22 years after John Hammond planned to open the first park on the island, is in essence, a direct sequel to the original film, Jurassic Park, released in 1993. Even though there have been other movies thematically connected to the franchise over the past years, this does not connect to those storylines. Of all of the movies, this is the first to have the theme park open for business, attracting visitors from all over the world to see real live dinosaurs in the flesh.

The story opens with the corporate run park starting to show some decline in attendance, as the patrons are no longer thrilled by just run of the mill dinosaurs. The head of the company, Mr. Masrani, played by actor Irrfan Kahn, comes to see what the scientists have been developing in secret to boost the numbers. “Fantastic” is his apt description of this man-engineered hell known as the “Indominus Rex”, Latin for “indomitable king”.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire, who you may remember from “The Help”. As a park executive, she is an OCD type that schedules every detail of life to the smallest degree. Mr. Masrani wants to be sure of this new creation and suggests that another employee, Owen, played by Chris Pratt, be brought in to consult on the controllability of the new super dinosaur. In this movie, Pratt plays a sympathetic type of dinosaur whisperer, and in his charge are three Velociraptors that he has been training in the manner you would wild horses. He does not exactly see eye to eye with Claire. She, meanwhile, whilst trying to keep the company numbers looking good on the business charts, has agreed to look after her 2 nephews visiting the park. Clearly, she does not have the time. After her smart phone addicted assistant looses track of the two, they begin to have fun on their own in the park.

Whilst the two boys make their own off-road adventure, havoc strikes, or the king steps out; “Indominus” breaks out for a feeding frenzy. From then on, it’s a race for survival with non-stop adventure with not a single dull moment. There’s a relative newcomer in the cast that’s worth watching, and I like to chart his career with that of my movie reviews. One of my earliest reviews, since I started writing about movies in 2013, was the movie “Kings of Summer”, in which he had his first major starring role. His name is Nick Robinson. The 20-year-old actor from Seattle plays Zach, the older of the two brothers in this movie. He was featured in an outstanding role in one episode of “Boardwalk Empire” entitled “Blue Bell Boy” and in this, he’s excellent. He’s got a great future ahead, and I said so in that review in 2013.

You plunge into adventure in 3-D and giant IMAX in this highly entertaining and fun monster movie, and I enjoyed each moment as did the audience at the advance screening I attended. Vincent D’Onofrio has a nice bit in this as a mercenary type ready to take advantage of chaos to his own purpose. Returning from the first movie is actor BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu, the geneticist that makes dinosaurs on demand, and there is a lovely tribute to Sir Richard Attenborough, who played John Hammond in the original movie- you’ll see a statue of him on display in the park.

Composer Michael Giacchino is reverent to John Williams’ original themes from the first movie, and even gives us a touch of Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, or Bernard Herrmann style music, when flying prehistoric creatures run amuck. Director Colin Trevorrow also gives us little touches to the original movie throughout, such as a scene where they boys discover the original park’s dome, overgrown, and pick up from the floor the remains of the banner that memorably floated to the floor at the end of the mayhem of the first movie. The entire time I watched, little moments on the island kept reminding me of the great and original “King Kong” of 1933, and in some cases “The Lost World” of 1925.

For you television fans, there is an unexpected cameo from Jimmy Fallon. I was also amused that of all the rugged vehicles in this movie, only the Mercedes-Benz G class Geländewagens were not harmed during the picture. So now you know just what vehicle to get if Dinosaurs suddenly appear in your neighborhood. Two odd lingering thoughts about this release; It is now nearly impossible to separate the image of Chris Pratt from the song written by Francis Zambon (Mark James) “Hooked on a Feeling'” from “Guardians of the Galaxy”- I kept hearing the lyric in my head as I watched him. The other lingering thought is a little pet peeve of mine specific to dinosaur movies. Why have we been lead to believe that they roar like lions or other giant beasts? Has it been established that they made any noise at all? I’m growing older each day, but I’ve not actually met anyone who was around back then to tell me if they actually made any sounds at all. Paleontologists can’t say for sure. I encourage you to see this big summer movie in the biggest way possible, at an IMAX Theatre near you. It is the best of the big summer moves thus far.

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