Efforts continue to Save the Domes on Ethan Way

Artist Richard Herrera took his skills and activism to the concrete at this year’s Chalk It Up. In an effort to draw attention to the dome theaters on Ethan Way, Richard drew them and included the title, “Save the Domes.” Rather than tearing down the domes, he and others involved in the preservation of things mid-century modern will be storming the county administration building (700 H St., room 1450) on Monday, Sept. 14, as this will likely be where the new theater gets the final go-ahead or not. The announcement for the meeting on the event page, Sacramento County meeting to Save the Domes states,”We need as many people as possible to show up! Do we really want these undersized cracker-box theaters on the former site of the domes for the next 40 or so years?”
Photo by Monica Stark

The event page lists the following as reasons to show up to help preserve the dome theaters: \

1) A unique architecture heritage
a) built by reknown architect Vincent Raney
b) The only theaters left designed for 70mm “Cinerama”
c) Last of the “Space age” mid-century structures

2) Vital to the face of art locally
a) an inspiration to local artists
b) a unique work of art themselves
c) a beacon to those who appreciate art in Sacramento

3) A boon to business in Sacramento
a) if restored will make a unique tourist attraction
b) Creates a landmark destination for Arden/Arcade
c) Demonstrates that business and art work together


One Response to Efforts continue to Save the Domes on Ethan Way

  1. Jesse Skeen says:

    Sadly the new theater WAS approved at that city meeting, where most of the voting members showed a complete lack of knowledge about movie theaters in general. One particularly ignorant member who wasn’t even BORN when these theaters were still great remarked that the Palladio theater in Folsom was doing well, so this new one should also, even though the people who built and run that are in NO way connected to Century Theatres/Cinemark. He also said that the design of the current Century domes was awkward, completely unaware of how they were originally. Since both of the large domes were foolishly divided in half in the 70s, the first order of business should have been to un-do that and restore them to the large auditoriums with huge screens that they were when they were new- but one is already torn down and the fate of the other’s is more or less sealed, so enjoy your new cracker boxes Sacramento!

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