Cabrillo Club building’s 100th anniversary to be celebrated Oct. 4

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series about the Cabrillo Civic Club #5 building, which was originally home to a public school for children in the then-rural Riverside-Pocket area.

The community is invited to attend a special event this Sunday, Oct. 4, when the 100th anniversary of the Cabrillo Civic Club #5 building will be celebrated.
Built as a one-room, Spanish mission-style structure, the old Cabrillo Club building, at 4605 Karbet Way in the Riverside area, opened as the Sutter School in 1915.
Reflective of the cultures of the area at that time, the students of that public school were mostly of Portuguese and Japanese descent.
Portuguese from the Azores Islands were the first of these people to begin residing in the Riverside-Pocket area, as they arrived in the area in the 1850s.
Among the attendance boundaries of the school were Sutterville Road to the north, and the portion of today’s Riverside Boulevard, south of the bar that is presently known as The Trap.
Additionally, the school boundaries included the areas of what became known as Reichmuth Park and South Land Park Hills, as well as the Sacramento River levee.
Sutter School was located in this Riverside area Spanish mission-style structure, which has been home to Cabrillo Civic Club #5 since 1954. / Photo by Lance Armstrong
When Sutter School opened its doors a century ago, the school building was not yet completed, thus resulting in some of the school’s students attending classes in sheds that were located a short distance behind the school on property owned by the Mason family, whose residence was immediately south of the school.
Those sheds were later used as chicken coops by Japanese farmers who farmed that land.
Pocket resident Dolores (Silva) Greenslate, 90, who attended Sutter School from 1929 to 1934, was the daughter of Mary “Mamie” (Machado) Silva, who was one of the school’s first two graduates in 1915. The other graduate was John “Griff” Mason.
Additionally, Greenslate’s late brother, Marvin Silva, attended the same school from 1928 to 1934.
In commenting about the sheds behind the school, Greenslate said, “We teased my mother all the time. ‘Oh, ma, you went to school in the chicken coops.’ And she would laugh about that.”
Mamie, who was raised on property that is now part of Reichmuth Park, attended school in the area’s Lisbon School District before becoming a student at Sutter School.
The Lisbon School District consisted of the Upper Lisbon School and the Lower Lisbon School.
The present day Cabrillo Club building has a much different appearance than it did when Sutter School was established.
Originally, the schoolhouse was comprised of only the present mid-section of the building. Two additional wings were added to the building in the 1920s.
Sutter School continued to operate until 1952, at which time the building became abandoned.
In 1954, the building became home to the Cabrillo Club, which is a local Portuguese-American organization.
After being asked to share her personal reaction to the old schoolhouse/clubhouse turning 100 years old, Greenslate said, “It doesn’t seem right, but it doesn’t seem right that I’m as old as I am. I don’t feel like it. And it doesn’t seem like it was almost 100 years ago (that the school opened). It seems unbelievable, as far as I’m concerned. I think we all think that, (those) who are older and went to school (at Sutter School). But unbelievable as it is, I’m glad I was there when I was there.”
As previously mentioned, the upcoming centennial celebration of the old Sutter School/present day Cabrillo Club building will be held this Sunday, Oct. 4.
The event, which will begin at 1 p.m., will include an open house, refreshments, speeches featuring past and present details pertaining to the building and historical displays with photographs, a listing of former Sutter School teachers and other information.
Although the general public is invited to the gathering, a flier for the event is directed toward people with connections to the historic grammar school/clubhouse.
A portion of that flier reads: “If you or someone you know has a history with the hall and would like to stop by, please come.”
For additional information regarding this upcoming 100th anniversary event at the Cabrillo Club building, call 916-421-3312.

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