Personal Journeys photo project

What’s the magic equation for aging well? Is it about health? Exercise? Attitudes and perspectives? Staff members at Hart Senior Center in midtown Sacramento think it’s actually the sum of all these things, plus a lifetime of experiences to build upon. Significant moments from the lives of 10 older adults who have found a community at the Hart Senior Center were “unveiled” during the Personal Journeys Photo Project reception held Friday, Oct. 9.
New portraits and corresponding personal collages by local photographer and Cosumnes River College professor, Patty Felkner, highlighted intimate mementos reflecting the diversity of their careers, hobbies, ambitions, families, cultures, talents, and values.

The 10 older adults featured embody the spirit of Hart Senior Center. They have learned from their experiences, but never want to stop learning and living life to its fullest. “We’re like walking books,” said Olga “Blu” Brown, whose portrait and personal collage is featured in the photo display. “Everybody has a story to tell.” Olga has been coming to the Hart Senior Center for the past eight years, enjoying a variety of classes and activities offered. Creative writing, poetry and life history writing are just some of her passions. When asked what visitors to the Hart Senior Center can learn upon viewing the Personal Journeys Photo Project display she replied, “That there’s life after retirement, there’s life after age 50, 60, 70, 80, 90…”.

The Personal Journeys Photo Project will be on permanent display at the Hart Senior Center, located on 915 27th St. in midtown Sacramento. Feel free to stop by to view the display and be inspired to live life to the fullest. For more information about the Hart Senior Center, visit or

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