Public House Theater re-opens, Tahoe Park neighbors celebrate

Talk about a dream deferred. After busting around getting the Public House Theater, the pub theater in Tahoe Park, open about a year ago, owner Jackie Nadile experienced some unfortunate news that her newly renovated venue wasn’t compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The place was bopping when it was open. Neighbors found the local spot as a great hangout. But after inspections, Jackie was told she needed ADA parking and that the bar was not ADA compliant – that it needed to be rebuilt in order to make way for a lower ADA bar. “We had no trouble with our liquor license. It was all permits,” she said.
“We got the wrong permits. We had to go back to the city and start all over again. When I submitted the blueprints, the city laughed at me and said, ‘What is this? We can’t use this.’ When I saw the blueprints, they were completely wrong. I tried to revise this and do it all myself, but you can’t do any renovations without an architect or licensed contractor. When you are ignorant, you are behind the 8-ball but you learn very quickly… I have the best friends and family in the world pulling me through. Now we’re good.”

Saturday, Oct. 20 was the soft opening, but Jackie said so far the pub theater has lost $20,000 from being closed, and that’s not including money put into building to put it up it up to code, which is another $60,000 to $70,000.
Closed since the beginning of April, it was about six months with no income for the PHT;  when it was open, the theater boasted good turnouts, especially for sports programming, and premiere showings of short films and acoustic performances.
She’s also received great help from her neighbors and has made many friends since she began transforming the old Tahoe Market into a cozy pub theater with delicious food made by chef Norma.
Jackie said, “I didn’t know anybody before it first opened… they were just our regulars and we just met in the parking lot at the end of the night and called them inventory reduction meetings.”
“It’s been busy all the time,” said one of the regulars. “We just have to get the word out. One of the great things is the food and now we can do the marketing and start to look at things in the neighborhood. Now, they can do paninis in certain way. At beginning they were doing them at Jackie’s house. Norma does handmade tacos, quesadillas. Food is pretty much homemade and they are pretty creative… I compare (this place) to Cheers. You can go into this place and everyone knows your name. Neighbors that didn’t know each other would then come in and they’ve been getting to know each other. (PHT) opened up this community.”
Asked if she’s experienced any memorable experiences while working behind the bar, Norma recalled a time when a man named Tony Wells entered and announced his presence to those in the pub, “‘I’m Tony Wells. I’m Tony Wells,’ he said like he was some celebrity. He’s been here since day one.”
One day when the pub ran out of chicken, Norma said one of the regulars, a young boy Marco came in with his mom requesting Norma’s chicken tacos. “When I said I just ran out, (the mom) said, ‘Oh man. Marco, what else do you want?’ He said, ‘Norma’s chicken tacos.’ So I ran to the store to get the chicken.”
Talk about customer service!
Norma said while she has never worked in a restaurant setting, her mother and sister are good cooks and she enjoys cooking for fun.
Mike Grieneisen and Kim Steinmann have frequented the pub theater a few times a week since opening day. Living just down the street, they enjoy the quick walk to their neighborhood hangout. Mike, who’s been nicknamed Jerry Garcia because of his doppelganger-like appearance, said he loves how close the pub theater is to his house. “I like the proximity. We can just walk here. There are so few options like it in this part of Sacramento. We’ve seen a few of the movies, but we were coming more for the quesadillas. Just again, let somebody else cook dinner,” Mike said.
“It’s just a friendly place. I always get the wine and Norma’s famous quesadillas are pretty damn amazing,” Kim added. “I never played Bingo before (coming to a PHT bingo night). But it’s fun. It’s rowdy crowd. It’s the only time I won anything in my life. I won a PBR backpack bag. The swag is pretty good. You didn’t know you wanted it until you got it.”


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