Compassion Village takes root in Sacramento

By Monica Stark

Because everyone in the Sacramento region plays a role in helping our community and if we all work together, in the places we work best, we really can transform lives and bring hope to our community. That is the crux behind Compassion Village, a scalable, grassroots, privately funded, tiny home community focused on temporary, interim and permanent homes for chronic homeless has its roots in Sacramento.
As churches represent a people who are called by their faith to help and are equipped to mobilize thousands of volunteers who want to serve well, Compassion Village volunteer Tammy Vallejo, the CEO of E49 Corporation (which has been around for seven years mobilizing churches to solve social issues) said, “We love seeing God at work in our Region and can’t wait to see how this Village becomes something Sacramento can celebrate. Tammy said E49 has joined Restoration Life Church and its pastor Dan Axtell in 2016 to start Compassion Village.
The first village will consist of 20 temporary tiny homes, 15 interim bedrooms that will house two people to a room and a one-acre lot where a permanent version of the homes will be built. Tammy expects 10-15 village sites in the Sacramento region to take root. “The focus of the village will be building community, mentoring and employment.” We are asking churches to commit to building the home with their congregations and support the village with a team of five to 10 volunteers for three years. Additionally, they are asking for a financial commitment for the three years as well to insure sustainability. The cost for each home is $7,500 per home and $7,500 per person annually for services and site coordinators.
Volunteers with Compassion Village launched the project officially in February have working meetings every Monday night at 6 p.m. at E49’s co-working and incubator space, Suite 210, 2830 G St. There are teams for building, social services, fundraising, social media, admin, web/branding and land. Each team has two leads who are experts/licensed in their respective areas. This is a volunteer, grassroots effort that has gained momentum very quickly.
Pastor Dan started by asking members of his congregation to attend a meeting to see if there was interest. “There was a ton of interest. So Dan asked E49 Corporation to drive the initiative and ask churches from around the region to join in,” Tammy said.
Tammy explained the potential setbacks are city, county and building departments. “But we have really done our homework and are working closely with government officials, licensed contractors, real estate professionals and social service organizations to insure success. E49 has had extensive history in working to build a model of success for homeless people ranging from chronic homeless, at risk youth, sex trafficking survivors and other underserved populations.”
Although this is primarily being driven by churches at this point, the teams have grown each week and include diverse people from the community.
Tammy said the best way to get involved is to show up on Monday nights and sit in on a team. “If you can’t make Mondays, we are still in need of people to help with fundraising, grant writing, people in the construction trades and social services. Once the homes are built and our member residents move in, we will need volunteers for cooking, cleaning, yard and building maintenance, small business mentors, etc.” She said they have really seen the community come around this effort quickly. “We have met with City Council members (Allen) Warren and (Angelique) Ashby who are both excited about the village. We are working with several agencies who are certifying the homes and building plans, as well as funding of the project.”

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  1. Wendy Maidment says:

    So happy to see such a wonderful program come to Sacramento. How does a person become a resident? Can residents bring their dogs or pets? . Thank you and God Bless you all..

  2. It’s good to see the people of Sacramento giving back to the community!

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