Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum transitions into a community association

Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association’s first board of directors, shown here from left to right: Will Cannady, Mary McCune, Tristan Brown, Erin Peth, Devin Lavelle, Pat Aguiar-Ramierz and Jim Geary. / Photo courtesy

After serving the community for over a year, The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum will be transitioning into the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association. The Pocket/Greenhaven Community Forum has served as a venue in which community members could come together to discuss and work on local issues.
Some of the group’s accomplishments over the last year consist of:
-A highly successful survey of community interests regarding local restaurants & retails options as well as quality of life issues.
-A series of community crop swaps where neighbors exchanged their extra produce.
-A highly informative 2016 voter forum attended by one hundred community members
-The main goal of the association will be to continue to serve as a community forum in which neighbors can come together to share their thoughts and feelings on important local issues.

What follows is a brief chat with members of the newly-formed Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association.

Pocket News:
Tell readers about the difference between the group as a “forum” vs. “community association” and vs. a neighborhood association…
PGCA: Online discussions have a way of sometimes bringing out both the best and the not-best within all of us. Through several of those discussions on Nextdoor – Pocket, a number of community members realized that while having an online forum is great for quick, high level and day-to-day happenings in our neighborhood, to best grow as a community, the best discussions happen with our neighbors, face-to-face. This was the genesis of our new organization. Over the last year-and-a-half, we have been a forum, where we have come together to discuss far ranging issues, from the ballot measures in the 2016 election, quality of life for seniors and young families, local business development, riverfront access and numerous other topics. To inform those discussions, we conducted a survey of our friends and neighbors to better understand both what we love and still want from our beautiful neighborhood.

Pocket News: What prompted the change? What are the goals of the association?

PGCA: Over time, it became clear that we could contribute more by growing our organization beyond just a forum to be a neighborhood association, allowing us to begin to implement the goals of our members, to improve quality of life, and to function as a common voice for the future of our great community, on issues where consensus exists. In March, we officially formed the Pocket-Greenhaven Community Association, and in May, we elected our first board: Will Cannady, who has acted as interim-chair, Pat Aguiar, Tristan Brown, Jim Geary, Devin Lavelle, Mary McCune and Erin Peth.

Pocket News: Will it be organized similar to other Sacramento area community associations? How can interested parties get involved? Will there be regular community association meetings? If so, where and when will they be?

PGCA: Structurally, similar organizations exist in a number of neighborhoods, but we anticipate that our association will be something unique to the Pocket-Greenhaven community reflecting the fantastic people who live in our neighborhood. That is why we welcome and encourage every resident of the Pocket-Greenhaven community to join us. Please send an email to info@pocketgreenhavencommunityforum.org and join us at our next meeting on July 11 at 6 p.m. at the Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library. This association is fundamentally different from the numerous homeowner associations that exist around the neighborhood, which typically focus on property issues and governance of shared resources within narrow boundaries, while the neighborhood association is focused on broader issues impacting our community, as a whole.

Pocket News: Discuss more about the Promenade Shopping Center situation. Why are businesses staying out of that center?

PGCA: One of these issues is the many vacancies in the Promenade Shopping Center. Despite a strong regional economy and our other nearby centers being at or near capacity, the Promenade, sitting at the heart of our neighborhood, appears barely half-full, with more businesses leaving than coming. This runs counter to one of the top priorities revealed by our 2016 survey, adding more great local shops and restaurants to our neighborhood. Given the experiences of our other centers, many conclude that the Promenade’s shortcomings are the results of its owners’ approach and strategies. We have invited them to attend an upcoming meeting and home to have the opportunity to learn more about their point of view.
Please feel free to visit the following to keep up-to-date with the PGCA:


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  1. Christina Snyder says:

    I would like to comment on this as Fake news. This group has not contacted me as the Leasing Agent, property management or the ownership. We have just signed one lease, finalizing 3 more leases this week and working on more prospective tenant’s. The ownership is also planning a renovation of the center this year.

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