Asian supermarket to fill vacancy at former Vic’s IGA Market site







Photo by Lance Armstrong
Thong Lu, an assistant for all of the SF Supermarkets stores, and Phat Thiem, grocery manager of the chain’s 65th Street store, stand in front of the former Vic’s IGA site in the South Hills Shopping Center.

By Lance Armstrong

Shun Fat Supermarkets, an Asian retail grocery store chain, has acquired the old Vic’s IGA site in the South Hills Shopping Center. And work is underway to have a store of that chain open to the public by the summer of 2018.
This latest news ends longtime speculation regarding what business could fill the vacancy left by Vic’s, which closed in March 2015.
The store, which will be known by the shortened name of SF Supermarket, will become the chain’s third market in Sacramento, with the others being located at 6930 65th St. #123 and 4562 Mack Road. The future store’s address is 5820 South Land Park Drive.
Altogether, the chain, which was founded in Monterey Park, Calif. in 1993 by a Chinese-Vietnamese entrepreneur and seafood wholesaler named Hieu Tran, consists of nine stores in California, two stores in Las Vegas and another one in Dallas.
Work on the future store’s site began on Aug. 13 behind the privacy of chain-link fences with dark green coverings.
And among those helping a cleanup crew inside the building on that day was Thong Lu, an assistant for all of the chain’s stores, and Phat Thiem, grocery manager of the 65th Street store.
At the end of that first workday, Lu and Thiem met with this publication to talk about plans for the future South Land Park store.
Lu stated that SF Supermarkets acquired the old South Land Park Drive grocery store building about three months ago, and that efforts are being made to open the store in the next 10 to 12 months.
“We’re all working at SF Market over there, just to help them clean up,” he said. “It’s not our job. We’re just helping them move faster.”
Lu estimates the cost of completing the remodeling of the building will be about $1 million.
“That’s to clean up, some new pieces, everything new,” he said. “We have to remove all the refrigerators, everything. We have to clean up everything. That will take more than a month.”
Lu added that although the project still must meet the city’s approval, he believes that should not be an issue.
“The next move (after the remodeling) will be to draw out the plans to the city,” he said. “We’ll wait for the city to approve (those plans). But still grocery, I think is easy. I think if it’s not a grocery store and you change it to something else, maybe it will (be) a little bit of a problem. But with grocery store changed to grocery store, I think it’s OK.”
Lu mentioned that the South Land Park store, which would be smaller than the other Sacramento stores, would have about 50 employees, compared to the other stores, which have about 80 employees each.
As for actual offerings at SF Markets, Lu noted that these stores have a wide variety of food.
“We carry Asian food, everything, fresh fish, meat, vegetables, all types of Asian (food) and we also carry American groceries, too,” he said. “We carry some American brands, but not much.”
Lu mentioned that the best way for people to become familiar with how the future South Land Park store will look is to stop by the 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard store.
“If you have time, stop by the 65th (Street store) and you’ll know what we carry for food,” he said. “Yes, stop by, then you’ll see. It’s the same style, just more.”

13 Responses to Asian supermarket to fill vacancy at former Vic’s IGA Market site

  1. Paula Thomas says:

    Exciting! Live the produce at SF markets, fresh and varied. Many hard to find items. Can’t wait.

  2. Chris lynch says:

    I personally knew Vic and his family for many years and started working for them back in high school. When Vic sold the store in south land park, I got the job as a store supervisor prior to them closing the store in 2015. I grew up in that area and it’s good to see that another grocery store is replacing yhe vacancy. Diversity is all I’ve in that area and an Asian market will do great at that location.

  3. Dana LeBlanc says:

    Let me set up your merchant services…

  4. Eric Baker says:

    I can’t wait! I love shopping Asian Markets and just moved to this area and will love having a market so close.

  5. Delilah Banks says:

    I can not wait for this store to open. We welcome you!

  6. Kevin Fong says:

    Gong Hay Fat Choy —
    Chinese cooking in the air again!!!!!

  7. Kevin Fong says:

    Gong Hay Fat Choy — mmmmm
    Chinese cooking in the air again!!!!!

  8. We are super excited to have you here. I manage the Senior community that borders the shopping center and it was very disappointing for my residents when the store closed. I love SF Market and will definitely be shopping there.

  9. Tony says:

    This is great news…we have waited too long to have this come to fruition ….Best of luck

  10. Rita Munoz says:

    Welcome to our neighborhood. We look forward to fresh seafood especially.

  11. Elizabeth Moseby says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! So happy for us to have you as an anchor in our community. Welcome and blessings.

  12. Douglas Russell says:

    How Would I Apply for Work at the New SF Market?

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