Trouble with trash? Confused about green waste collection? You are not alone

I often hear about constituent confusion over the city’s green waste pick up. I knew it was the perfect hot topic to share this month.
Rob Fong, Sacramento City Council Member, District 4 / Photo courtesy

Rob Fong, Sacramento City Council Member, District 4 / Photo courtesy

Residents may choose to do either “containerized green waste” pick up OR “loose-in-the-street green waste” pick up. The City is no longer picking up “loose-in-the-street” piles from containerized yard waste customers, however our Solid Waste Division offers eight free “loose-in-the-street” pick-ups during selected high leaf season weeks throughout the year for all customers.

The next prescheduled “loose-in-the-street” pick-up for containerized yard waste customers will take place the week of May 25. To see a complete list of yard waste collection weeks, please visit:

If you would like to participate in the City Containerized Yard Waste Program or withdraw from the program, please call 311 to enter your request. Please be advised that if you withdraw from the program, you will lose the discount given to containerized yard waste customers.

For questions, concerns or complaints regarding a city employee, lack of service or issues requiring immediate attention, contact the City Operator / Customer Service Center at 311 or (916) 264-5011.

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