October 1, 2015 edition

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The Pocket News is a fine example of how important local newspapers are to small communities. A celebrated paper held in high esteem by its readers, the publication serves as the only newspaper for the Pocket and Greenhaven areas. The Pocket and Greenhaven communities are also home to a series of gated communities bordered by Rush River Drive, Lakefront Drive, and Pocket Road.

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  1. Monica Souza

    how can I get 24 copies of July 5th Pocket News. The front Cover/Articles is on my Grandparents.

    Drop by our office at 2709 Riverside Blvd. in Sacramento. Call ahead, so we can set copies aside for you. Do this soon, as the inventory of back issues is limited. — Ed.

  2. gee

    Sounds like Darrell Fong can’t do anything to please Mr Singh. Or maybe he just has a axe to grind?

    Pocket news you should have letters to the editor in your paper. So we can let you know how many people are happy with how our councilman voted.

  3. Luz Delia Gerber

    I would like to connect with Julie Green regarding Solar Cooking…

    Luz Delia Gerber