August 6, 2015 Edition

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Within the boundaries of the East Sacramento News are Midtown Sacramento, an up-and-coming center for economic and residential activity; the McKinley Park and Fabulous Forties neighborhoods, homes and homeowners so famous they have been featured in major Hollywood films; River Park, a welcoming community along the American River; and St. Francis High School and Sacramento State University.

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3 comments so far

  1. Ray Santangelo

    As a long time resident of Sacramento,
    having lived in and around East Sacto,
    I have enjoyed this edition. Living
    in the Golden Palms Mobile Home Park
    at 8181 Folsom Blvd. ust a few blocks from East Sacto border, I had received
    this edition in our clubhouse..but no
    more. There are some 264 residents t
    that resdie here with many shopping
    with your advertiser. Can distribution
    be revised? The clubhouse is open
    daily from 7 a,m, to 10 p.m Thanks RJS

  2. chuck pratt

    My mother in law lived on F street near McKinley Park for over 50 years and during the 1950’s and 60’s (maybe longer) she bought fresh fruits and vegetables from a man named Angelo who drove his old truck through the neighborhood selling off the truck. He would ring a triangle bell type thing to let people know he was there. He had hanging scales and open sides on the truck so people could see his produce. Do you know where i can get a picture or stories about this. My wife and her siblings would enjoy reading about him. They remember him well. Thanks Chuck

  3. Kristin Thompson-Higgins

    I lived in East Sac the majority of my life, and loved every moment of it. I grew up living in the old Lubin Castle on 39th and M Streets. Most of my friends now began in East Sac, and we all know one another from the late 60’s thru the 1990’s. In fact most of my family (aunts, uncles, etc. originated and lived in East Sac…I lived a very charmed life in East Sac, and I’m very grateful for it.