Friends of the River go mushroom hunting near Sutter’s Landing

Friends of the River had a fun mushroom hunt last Saturday, along the American River near Sutter’s Landing. Although mushrooms were few and far between due to the dry weather, Ryan LaPorte led a great walk and gave people a better understanding of fungi, what they are, how they function, and how to look for them.

They found puffballs and turkey tails and other types of fruiting bodies (the part of fungi we generally see–the main part, the mycelium, is always present in the soil and other substrates). In addition, a sea lion came out to perform, and a couple of osprey too. It was another lovely morning at the river.

On Saturday, March 9, Mary Krucik will lead the group on a walk to understand what the river meant to the Nisenan, the native people who lived here. The group will talk about what the river looked like, how the Nisenan lived, and the Indian world view.

Tentative FORB schedule for 2013 (and the first day of 2014):

March 9 – A Native Perspective on the River (Mary Krucik)
Apr 13- Return of the Swainson’s Hawks (Jude Lamare and Friends of Swainson’s Hawks)
May 11 – TBA (Bee Program or Photography, we’ll see) (Julie Serences or Robert Sewell)
June 8 – Star Gazing on the Mound (Midsummer Night’s Dream)
July 13 – Bats (JoEllen Arnold)
August 10 – Dragons and Damsels (Greg Kareofelas)
Sept. 21 – Great American River Cleanup (American River Parkway Foundation)
Oct. 12 – Welcome Back Salmon (FORB)
Nov. 9 or Dec 14 – Mushroom Hunt (we’ll try to catch the mushrooms when it’s damp) (Ryan LaPorte)
Jan. 1 – New Years Gathering (FORB)

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