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Locals remember north area Tower Records

Editor’s note: This is the sixth part of a series regarding the history of the “four corners” of Watt and El Camino avenues. For nearly 45 years, Tower Records drew music lovers to the northeast corner of Watt and El

Great McClatchy athletes in the first 25 years

As the 1950’s began, many changes would take place in both the United States and Sacramento.  “I Like Ike” would be a popular slogan and new terms like rock ‘n’ roll, television, suburbs, and drive-in movies would appear. In McClatchy

McClatchy High’s 1951–1952 baseball team the greatest in Sacramento history

In the late 1940’s and early 50’s high school baseball in Sacramento was at its zenith. McClatchy, Sacramento, and Christian Brothers all had outstanding teams and talent. Roger Osenbaugh and Jim Westlake of CKM signed pro contracts after the 1948

Doc’s Place: Sacramento’s first ‘drive in’ restaurant

    The year 1931 was a very notable year for construction in the United States, as the Empire State Building and the George Washington Bridge across the Hudson River were completed on the East Coast and on the West

Vic’s Ice Cream co-founder recalls beginnings of one of Sacramento’s sweetest institutions

  Many people around Land Park have grown accustomed to seeing a senior man riding an adult tricycle along Riverside Boulevard, with a pair of small dogs on leashes at his side. But what many of these people do not

Baby boomer? Moi?‎

If we are to change society’s perception of aging we must begin within...