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THE POCKET WATCH: Six-foot elf takes up residence at Greenhaven Plaza

I always imagine the life of the average Christmas tree lot attendant to be kind of a bitter winter mix of cold and loneliness and backbreaking labor, but if that’s the stereotype, Gregg Jones doesn’t fit the profile. I stand

THE POCKET WATCH: What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, Greenhaven/Pocket edition

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve poured my heart out plenty of times in this column. Maybe too many times. I didn’t want my Thanksgiving edition to be too personal and sappy—I mean, obviously, I’m thankful for my

Emigh Hardware: 100-plus years of service

A long banner stretches above the entrance of Emigh Ace Hardware and includes a message that assures confidence in its customers. The banner announces a sale in honor of the company’s more than century-long history. Certainly an announcement by any

Cat capital? A purrrrrr-fect idea…Designate Sacramento an official cat capital

  Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a two-part series featuring cats of the Sacramento area.    Cat lovers rejoice! A movement to make Sacramento a “cat capital” begins right here. Sure, this is an unofficial movement, but such