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Camp Pollock re-opened for day use and special events

Camp Pollock has been re-opened to the public for day use and special events. The road blocks at Northgate and 160 have been removed. Water on the entrance road to Pollock has receded. At this time access via Del Paso

Where the Sierra Nevada Mountains ‘begin’

Arcade Creek at Haggin Oaks Municipal Golf Course, north side of the clubhouse 3645 Fulton Ave, Sacramento. Elevation: 25 feet. This is 8.5 miles from Old Sacramento: Take highway 160/I-80 east, and take the Fulton Ave. exit. Editor’s Note: Bill

Faces and Places: Volunteers clean up Arcade Creek

Volunteers cleaned up Arcade Creek, filling bags with trash on Saturday, April 13. Some even made art sculptures out of some of the garbage that was found. They were welcome to enjoy a barbecue afterward at Carmichael Park. The following

Creek Week 2011: Time to clean up local waterways

They are vital to an efficient storm water drainage system, they provide habitat for an estimated 90 percent of urban wildlife, they contribute to a healthy drinking water supply – and they need your help. They are Sacramento County’s creeks,

January 12, 2018 Edition Regularly found at the most popular businesses in the area, the Arden-Carmichael News paper is known for its in-depth coverage of this unincorporated part of Sacramento County. The only paper currently offering exclusive coverage of the