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Designer produces “Before & After –

Lose the lawn to create a drought tolerant landscape” DVD to inspire sustainable—but still stunning—gardens

By Dell Richards Special to the Arden-Carmichael News   With water shortages still a concern and water limits in many cities, Arden landscape designer Roberta Walker has produced a DVD that walks people through the design process to lose the

Newspapers are in his blood: Meet the new publisher of Valley Community Newspapers

By Monica Stark Growing up attending “every event under the sun” while his father Roy carried a camera around his neck and his mom Mary spent days writing about local news, the last thing David Herburger thought he’d pursue was

Congratulations to movie reviewer Matias Antonio Bombal

The Sacramento Film & Music Festival honored The Arden-Carmichael News’ movie reviewer Matías Antonio Bombal for this year’s Film Arts Service Award, an honor given out to those who have dedicated their lives to supporting those who have worked in

Sathre Jewelers founders came to Carmichael in 1947

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series about the Sathre family and their former Carmichael business, Sathre Jewelers. For many longtime, local residents, the death of Mary Victoria Sathre at the age of 89 on Feb. 26,

Local man had role in classic TV variety shows

For many people who remember watching television in the pre-cable days when people relied on the reception of an antenna to view programming of only a few channels, the names Smothers Brothers, Lawrence Welk and Glen Campbell are quite familiar.

Baby Boomer Dance Party at Mission Oaks Community Center continues to be a big hit

Peace, love and rock and roll. Some things from the Baby Boomer Generation never change. Still young at heart, many boomers today still enjoy the opportunity to boogie down with their friends. From line dancing to singing along to their

Arden Hills owner speaks about history, legacy of local wellness resort

Note: This is the third article in a series about the Arden Hills wellness resort. Brett Favero, who owns Arden Hills wellness resort with his father, Paul Favero, takes great pride in the longtime operation and philosophy of his family’s

Neighbors discuss favorite Christmas memories at holiday tree lighting event in Carmichael

With Christmas just a few days away, the timing is right to share fond memories of this popular holiday. And at the Holiday Tree Lighting event at Carmichael Park, which included a performance by the River City Concert Band, activities

Former Sacramento radio DJ Johnny Hyde recalls his storied career

For many longtime radio listeners in Sacramento, the name, Johnny Hyde, is quite familiar. During his lengthy career, Johnny, who will turn 75 years old next week, spent time working for local radio stations, KXOA, KROY and KCRA. Last week,

KTXL Channel 40 made its debut in 1968

Editor’s Note: This is part 11 in a series about the early years of Sacramento area television. KTXL Channel 40 has a lengthy history, as this local television station, which is branded today as FOX40, made its debut 45 years