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They write the songs in Land Park

An artist can’t record a song without the words and music of a songwriter, but a catchy ditty with a good hook line can catapult an artist to the top. The recording artist is always on the lookout for THAT

Impressive diver brings the sport back to the forefront at C.K. McClatchy

In the hours before a meet, Nevada Schultz visualizes himself performing each dive better than he’s ever done before, but as he steps onto the diving board, his mindset changes. Thinking only about the dive he’s about to perform and

Southside Improvement Club celebrates 100th anniversary

Members of the Southside Improvement Club gathered in the Monsignor Val Fagundes Hall of the historic St. Elizabeth Portuguese National Church at 1817 12th St. on Dec. 5 to celebrate a very special occasion – the 100th anniversary of the

Former Pocket resident shares more about his ghost hunting adventures

Editor’s Note: This is part four in a series about former Sacramento disco king, Paul Dale Roberts. For this final article of this series about the adventures of former Pocket resident Paul Dale Roberts, he explained more about his work

Tony Lutfi’s goal: To own 50 restaurants before turning 50

For much of his life, Tony Lutfi has had the goal of owning 50 restaurants before turning 50 years old. He was recently on the cover of Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine with the headline: Mega 99: Tony Lutfi soars from 52

The First Time We Cut Our Own Christmas Tree

One December night at dinner, in the late 1950s, dad said, “this year we are going to drive to the Sierras and cut our own Christmas tree,” and we did. Early in the morning, on the next Saturday, my sister

Mystery of the Missing Markers

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a two-part series regarding the history of East Sacramento’s former New Helvetia Cemetery. It has been nearly 162 years since Captain John A. Sutter set aside 10 acres for his establishment’s first formal

California State Fair: It’s time to eat ‘fair-style’ once again

The waiting is finally over. The always anticipated California State Fair opens today, July 14, and with it comes its usual traditions, which of course include “fair food.” This is the time that guests of the event put aside their