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Annual Wildlife Care Classes Open for Volunteers to Assist Mother Nature

The Wildlife Care Association provides an essential service in Sacramento & Yolo Counties helping recover, heal and release small animals and birds injured in our human world. Based at 5211 Patrol Road, McClellan Park, the local non-profit depends on private

Odd Fellows lodges established today’s Camellia Lawn Cemetery in 1968

Editor’s Note: This is part 11 in a series regarding Sacramento area cemeteries. Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery, the Riverside Boulevard cemetery featured in the last article of this series, stands as the local I.O.O.F. lodges’ only cemetery. And although few

Alice Birney gardens have taken over industrial looking campus

Neighbors take notice, one donated maple tree to kinderyard Three years ago, there was nobody there. The barren Alice Birney campus in South Land Park campus wasn’t much to look at when the Waldorf-inspired public school moved in. “It wasn’t

Changes to city waterfowl management practices

Most of us were brought up to feed bread to the waterfowl. In the past the birds would migrate away to the fields and waterways to forage for their nutrition. But most of the waterfowl at the McKinley Park pond

Wildlife Art Festival features unique American art form

America is famously known as a “melting pot” – where all peoples bring the richness of their culture to the table and the nation embraces those gifts as its own. However, there is an art form that is unique to