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East Sacramento Youth Gives Her Prime Time to Local Felines

Kate Neubuerger is a 13-year-old East Sacramento resident who loves cats. She likes to “be around animals” even if she has to get her hands dirty. This eighth grader at Country Day School will always schedule her volunteer work at

Something to Bark About: Carmichael Library Helps Kids Learn Reading Through “Read to a Dog” Programs

Every Tuesday, about 25 children ranging in ages from five to 10 come to the Carmichael Library after school to work on their reading skills. They’re not reading to a librarian, or a tutor or a teacher. Instead, they’re reading

Valley Community Newspapers Pets of the Month

August Our sweet girl Drew is up for adoption! This happy, goofy, three-year-old love bug is a staff and volunteer favorite here at the shelter. She has been with us since May, and we are determined to find her a

Front Street shelter feline frenzy 99 cent special

Like many shelters and rescue groups across the State of California, the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Shelter is brimming with cats available for adoption.  In an effort to clear kennels and refrain from euthanizing healthy adoptable cats, the 99

Land Park Pony Rides owner operates dog and cat rescue

Lynn Hagemann, whose pony rides business at William Land Park was featured in the Aug. 11 edition of this publication, has a love for animals that extends well beyond ponies. For the past 23 years, she has operated a dog

Second chance cats: Happy tales from Happy Tails

The longhaired, blue-eyed punk scaled a 30-foot tree and got himself stuck in the canopy for eight days. He made the evening news. A tree-trimming crew bagged the bad boy and rappelled him down. He then spent time in the

Cat capital? Part II

Editor’s Note: This is the second article in a two-part series featuring cats of the Sacramento area. As a complimentary flashback to the last issue of this publication, it should be noted that Sacramento is no ordinary place when it

Cat capital? A purrrrrr-fect idea…Designate Sacramento an official cat capital

  Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a two-part series featuring cats of the Sacramento area.    Cat lovers rejoice! A movement to make Sacramento a “cat capital” begins right here. Sure, this is an unofficial movement, but such

Protect your pet from internal hazards this autumn

 Autumn is one of our pet’s favorite times of the year. The weather is mild, which often means more fun time outdoors for our dogs and those cats that spend time outside. Surprisingly, veterinarians often see a spike in infections