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Where have YOU been? A 20-year personal retrospective

Of course, no one will remember my first run as a columnist with the Pocket News back in the previous millennium. There may still be some folks in the neighborhood who were old enough to read back then, but anyone

Boating with Uncle John Goldie

One Easter Sunday in the early 1960s, our large extended family gathered at my Aunt Alice Goldie’s house for dinner. As we sat around Aunt Alice’s big family room eating ham, scalloped potatoes and salad, my brother Terry and I

Rosie and Mom

In 1952, my family moved into a three bedroom, one bathroom house on Janey Way. With three young children and another child on the way, my dad felt like we needed a “bigger” house. Our family fit right into this

Fishing with Dad and Uncle Ross

One day in the late spring of 1961, my dad came home from work and told me, “This weekend, you and I are going fishing with Uncle Ross.” Sure enough, Friday evening about 5:30 p.m., Uncle Ross drove up in

Life lessons in business: Marty becomes a newspaper boy

In the summer of 1961, I decided to seek a job to earn some money. At 14 years of age, a little extra money comes in handy. Unfortunately, at the time, the only jobs available to children under 16 years

The Death of Bernie Hart

Early one Saturday morning in 1961, I woke up to the sound of sirens screeching down Janey Way. Startled, I sat straight up and then walked up the hallway to the front door. I opened the door and looked out.

How the Summer of ’64 changed Janey Way

I graduated from Sacramento High School on June 11, 1964. Life’s possibilities seemed limitless. I enrolled for two summer classes at Sacramento City College the next week. My adult life had begun in earnest. Then something happened that summer which