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The Pocket Watch: Soccer in Greenhaven functions “for the good of the game”

I was reminded, while watching the World Cup these past couple of weeks, of what a fun and thrilling sport soccer can be. It wasn’t so long ago that I was swearing that no child of mine would ever be

JFK student wins ‘Poetry Out Loud’

The poet pursues his beautiful theme; The preacher his golden beatitude; And I run after a vanishing dream— The glittering, will-o’-the-wispish gleam Of the properly scholarly attitude— The highly desirable, the very advisable, The hardly acquirable, properly scholarly attitude. First

FIRST Robotics Competition held in East Sacramento

It is unusual to see groups of teenage boys walking around the campus of St. Francis High School, an all-girls school, but on Saturday, Feb. 18, they outnumbered the girls. The St. Francis High School Fembots hosted a “Practice Day”

Middle school students receive well-rounded education at Didion School

Genevieve F. Didion K-8 School will present an opportunity for locals to learn more about this well established school’s middle school grades through a special open house, which is scheduled to be held in the school’s gymnasium on Jan. 18.