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Around the Hood – November 2016

Celebrate the close of the never-ending election cycle….. Barks For Art… Tim Collum Gallery on Nov. 8 at 11 a.m. The exhibit benefits the Chester Foundation, an organization that provides emergency medical care for “disadvantaged animal companions.”  The gallery is

Around the Hood – October 2016

By Corky Oakes As posted on NextDoor by Deborah Ortiz of East Sacramento….Opening Doors, Inc., a Sacramento nonprofit whose mission is to “empower refugees, immigrants, human trafficking survivors, and under-served Sacramento residents achieve self-sufficiency” … is hosting its third annual

Around the Hood — May 2016

By Corky Oakes Is the thrill truly gone? Timeless Thrills at 3714 J Street doesn’t think so. The website says, “Timeless Thrills® is an independent brand based out of Sacramento, California”  that “aims to produce quality goods made in the

Country Joe McDonald – This Land is Your Land

By Corky Oakes Long before “Country” Joe McDonald gave his infamous cheer at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, Woody Guthrie’s persona channeled through his being. McDonald’s father had many similarities to Guthrie. He was born in Oklahoma near Guthrie’s

Former East Sacramento musician returns home for a show at Luna’s By Corky Oakes The soul of a full life, complete with lessons learned, successes and setbacks, downfalls and social conscience, is expressed in the music of singer songwriter Bob

Meet the folks behind Miller Meats

By Corky Oakes Shank, shoulder, sirloin, riblets and legs. Sausages, porterhouse, spare ribs, tenderloin, chuck, patties and skirt steak. What do these have in common? They describe the by-products of whole animal butchery.  Eric Miller and Matt Azevedo of V.

Surrealist art covers walls at DADAS, a new art gallery in East Sacramento

The spirit of Salvador Dali is alive now in East Sacramento. DADAS Art Gallery Boutique opened Nov. 14.  Just as the dada artistic movement paved the way for surrealism, great hopes ride on DADAS paving the way as a new

Pachamama Coffee Bar opens in East Sac

The Pachamama Coffee Bar opening in East Sacramento is not owned by your average coffee company. Indeed it is owned by 140,000 small and independent coffee farmers who organized to form Pacha Co-op in 2001. Mollie Moisan, Director of Outreach