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Corti Bros. building has had multiple tenants

This summer, the 68-year-old Corti Bros. Italian grocery store will celebrate its 45th year of operating in a building at 5810 Folsom Blvd. in East Sacramento. But few people today realize that this structure had an existence prior to that

Tomato or potato? Does Sacramento need a food revolution?

Market Manager, Arden Garden Market While recently watching a TEDx video featuring Chef Jamie Oliver and his efforts to cook up a food revolution, I was surprised when he showed a video of classrooms in our country’s most unhealthy regions

Retirement celebration held for the Rev. Dan Madigan

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series about the Rev. Dan Madigan. In celebration of the Rev. Dan Madigan, who is retiring after dedicating nearly a half-century of his life to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento,

Levee maintenance supervisor discusses flood protection in the Pocket

Editor’s Note: This is part 17 in a series about the history of the Sacramento River. When it comes to the levee that runs along the Sacramento River in the Pocket, few people are more familiar with this important man-made

Horses, Hope and Healing Fundraiser to benefit inner city youth

“Is this enough for a riding lesson?” A handful of crumpled dollar bills and some change from two little girls six years ago was the first spark on the road to creating Horses, Hope and Healing, a program that provides

Leafy controversy sure to raise a few rakes in Sacramento

To help the City of Sacramento save money, collecting your next batch of leaves from in front of your home may cost you more, particularly if you live in a very “leafy” neighborhood. Yard waste collection is provided by the