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Over the Fence

From Mooooo to Boooooo. The Urban Cow Half Marathon was held this month and the entire neighborhood knew about it. It was hard not to hear about it at six in the morning. Residents were jolted awake from their slumber

Sac Library Wants to Show How “Reading is So Delicious” This Summer

Write a cookbook. Make a pizza. Learn cooking techniques. This is literally just a taste of the bounty of programs the Sacramento Public Library has put together for its annual summer reading program. This year’s theme is “Reading is So

Something to Bark About: Carmichael Library Helps Kids Learn Reading Through “Read to a Dog” Programs

Every Tuesday, about 25 children ranging in ages from five to 10 come to the Carmichael Library after school to work on their reading skills. They’re not reading to a librarian, or a tutor or a teacher. Instead, they’re reading