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One Blue Friend

By Pat Lynch One Blue friend says, “I live in a Red state. If I put out a sign it would be seen as…hostile.” She says her Red and even Purple neighbors would view the sign as brazen public criticism

Door-to-Door: Keeping Our Dignity

By Pat Lynch What if our local politicians tweeted lurid accusations/insinuations about their opponent’s mates? What if we had debates where one candidate said another candidate had tiny hands? You know what that means. And then the tiny hands candidate

Angelique Ashby meets with East Sacramentans

By Pat Lynch City Councilmember Angelique Ashby studied a heat map. Red sections indicated high crime, and on this particular Natomas map, several giant 400 unit, low-rent apartment buildings glowed red. This is where the poor lived, and the poor

Trigger Warnings

By Pat Lynch A neighbor who has returned from a lengthy cruise asked, “What are trigger warnings?” I told him. By now you’ve likely heard of them and of course heard various outraged sorts denounce them and the younger generation

Door to Door

There’s a lot of talk locally about Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast), the website for renting temporary lodging. A friend got recently and weirdly involved in this. Joan’s a schoolteacher, divorced, the kids have fluttered from the nest, and she

Door to Door

Like Diogenes who went with his lamp in the daylight looking for an honest man, I’ve been looking for a businessperson who supports a livable wage (around $15 per hour) in Sacramento. They were able to do this in Los

Door to Door: The Week of Sighs

When we were kids an East Sacramento summer was a spree of freedom, even when it was blistering hot. I remember doing the famous fried egg experiment on the sidewalk, but fled the worst afternoons to climb to the top