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Janey Way Memories #152

The Old Armory

Last Thursday, as I returned home from my weekly visit to Fancy Feet Dance Academy with granddaughter Gabrielle, I drove by the old National Guard Armory on Elvas Avenue and J Street. Something seemed different about the old facility, and

Janey Way Memories: A small neighborhood in a big town

The area of Janey Way covers one city block. It runs left off M Street and dead ends just before it reaches Elvas Avenue. That made it a perfect place to grow up. Twenty-three houses lined Janey Way when I

‘Ian Harvey + Koo Kyung Sook: Together + Alone’ exhibit going on now at JAYJAY

By MONICA STARK editor@valcomnews.ocm The story of husband and wife team Ian Harvey and Koo Kyung Sook is rich and deep, as they investigate their own individual works as artists and as they work on monumental collaborative pieces, which are

McKinley Village development faces opposition from East Sacramento residents

East Sacramento is home to a 48-acre plot of land that currently lies uncultivated and unused. Plans to turn the area into new housing have failed over the years, but Riverview Capital Investments (RCI) has begun the early stages of

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California council moves to East Sacramento

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California (GSHCC), home to nearly 30,000 members, has moved its Program Center. The new Program Center – the headquarters for the organization’s staff and home to its membership support services, volunteer quarters for training, outreach