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Levee Protection: Sacramento and American Rivers

In a New York Times article (1979) Michiko KaKutani interviewed writer Joan Didion, a fifth-generation Sacramentan who wrote extensively about our Sacramento rivers. KaKutani said, “…Sacramento is a valley town where the summers are hot and plagued by drought, and

Sacramento became a city built upon a city through extensive mid-19th century street raising project

Editor’s Note: This is part six in a series about the history of the Sacramento River. Within a quarter century of its founding, flooding had become the bane of Sacramento. It was a city born out of convenience rather than

Hydraulic mining had negative effect on Sacramento River, capital city

Editor’s Note: This is part five in a series about the history of the Sacramento River. Just as the indomitable Sacramento City was beginning to cope with and protect itself from the common natural disasters of flooding, man had a

Sacramentans developed indomitable attitude toward floods in 19th century

Editor’s Note: This is part four in a series about the history of the Sacramento River. As a city of two rivers, Sacramento has a long history of trying to protect itself from the very entities – it waterways –

Sacramento became “Levee City” in 1850

Editor’s Note: This is part three in a series about the history of the Sacramento River. When presenting a history of the city’s rivers, it is important to not only provide details about major floods, but also measures that were

East Sacramento flooding prompts storm drain discussion

While the drenching rains of early December left many in our area perturbed, the problem was more pronounced for members of East Sacramento who saw storm drains overflow or in some cases not drain at all, causing spontaneous lakes to

American Red Cross to celebrate 130 years of service

The American Red Cross, the world-renowned, disaster relief, volunteer-led organization with a Sacramento chapter since 1898, is about to celebrate a special anniversary. It was on May 21, 1881, thus nearly 130 years ago, that the ARC was founded by

Edwards Break flood of 1904 caused sudden chaos for Sacramento residents in Pocket-Riverside

It has been more than a century since a sudden flood caught Riverside-Pocket area residents by surprise and left them with complete disillusionment as to where they would go from their flooded homes and how they would survive. This flood,

Progressive, Pioneer Congregational Church founded in 1849

It is quite fitting that directly south of Sutter’s Fort – the 19th century establishment that predates the founding of the city of Sacramento – sits a church that was established when the fort was only a decade old. Presently

Lisbon schools served early Pocket area students

        Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a two-part series featuring the history of the Lisbon schools of the Freeport and Pocket areas.