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Back in the game: Joe Marty’s set to reopen in December with help from your neighbors

Three years ago, Land Park residents Devon Atlee and Jack Morris sat around their friend Tom Walcott’s house, watching the San Francisco Giants. Half way through the game they started talking about Joe Marty’s and what a shame it was

The Best of the Land Park News 2014

Dear readers, This year, the Land Park News has enjoyed bringing you stories about your neighbors and about the history that has made up the community you call home. What follows are summaries and excerpts from some of our favorite

Where’s the 1968 Yorozu sign?

Editor’s Note: A follow up about the old 1968 Yorozu sign will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Land Park News. As demolition is underway over at the old Yorozu Oriental Gifts shop on Riverside Boulevard, so are

Over the Fence

Brownie’s Lounge now has a drive-through. Well, it did temporarily last week. A guy nick-named “49er Steve” barreled into the adjoining business and crashed through the wall at Brownie’s. He wasn’t a patron. He was wearing a foot cast and

Mid-Century Modern enthusiast discusses Land Park home tour highlights

Architectural design is a subject I don’t know a whole lot about. I ain’t gonna lie. But I know cool Mid-Century Modern when I see it. “Hey, look at that cool building!” I always just called it “retro” or “old