Businesses, residents to join together to beautify Carmichael

Cathryn Snow, who serves as a director of the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce, said that her idea to establish Carmichael Community Pride Day was well received. Photo by Lance Armstrong

Cathryn Snow, who serves as a director of the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce, said that her idea to establish Carmichael Community Pride Day was well received. Photo by Lance Armstrong

This Saturday, Oct. 26 will be a special day for Carmichael, as local businesses and residents will participate in the inaugural Carmichael Community Pride Day.
Sponsored by Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters, the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce and the Sacramento County Department of Transportation, the event was organized to encourage businesses and residents to improve the appearances of local properties. The three-hour event will be held simultaneously with the Fair Oaks Boulevard Brush Up, which is presented three times per year.
Pride Day participants can either work on their own properties or can arrive at the Carmichael Park tennis courts at 5750 Grant Ave. at 8 a.m. to be assigned to a particular project. Volunteers should wear gloves and comfortable shoes, and can donate paint brushes and supplies to the project.
Carmichael area resident Cathryn Snow said that the idea for establishing the workday came during her visit to a Roseville shopping center about two months ago.
“I was sitting out at the Fountains in Roseville and enjoying what a beautiful place that is and thinking, ‘Gee, I wish that we had something like that in Carmichael,’” Snow said. “What I see there anytime that I’m there is that the parking lots are full and there are all kinds of people roaming around. People are comfortable and walking slowly. They’re in and out of businesses and all of the businesses there are busy. What we really want to create is that welcoming feeling in Carmichael. We have that wonderful community spirit in Carmichael, but we want to enhance the businesses and draw more business into Carmichael.
“I’m a director for the (Carmichael) Chamber (of Commerce), and so I took (the idea) to the board and asked what they thought about it, and I told them I would be willing to chair that if they would support it. They were unanimously in favor of that. From there, we put together a diverse committee of people who I thought could help bring that (project) about.”
The committee consists of Howard Schmidt, Jack Harrison, Fred Rivas, Patrick Carpenter, Jim Schubert, Chris Meyer, Linda Melody and Tarry Smith.
Snow described the group as “one of those dream committees (with people who) say, ‘I can do this and I can do that.’”
For instance, Schubert, who serves as the county’s senior landscape architect, and Rivas, owner of the Lawnman landscape company, have volunteered their time to assist local businesses with landscaping suggestions.
In describing the community workday, Snow said, “The purpose (of the project) is to encourage business owners, primarily, to landscape and maintain, paint; generally make their businesses more attractive, so that it attracts more businesses into Carmichael. Sometimes I think people choose to go somewhere else, because it’s more pleasing in comparison to something like the Fountains. What we’re asking – on Oct. 26 in the morning from 8 to 11 (a.m.), or whatever time they choose, but our formal time is 8 to 11 – is that businesses and homeowners clean up their properties, make them more attractive. A lot of businesses have existing planter boxes and so forth, garden areas. They already have established areas, but that has gone to seed or it hasn’t been planted for years, it’s full of weeds or there’s just nothing going on in it. And then planting trees and bushes. You can get free trees from SMUD. Their tree alliance provides free trees. So, why wouldn’t you do this? The cost that you have other than the initial purchasing of the plants is water. That’s it. And we can suggest very drought tolerant plants.
“A lot of the (workday) will be centered around the park facilities. There will be some painting of backstops and picnic tables and doorways, and general cleanup. And, of course, there is always trash pickup here, there and everywhere. It’s also the other parks in the Carmichael park district that can certainly always use weed pulling and trimming and everything.”
Snow added that the project is satisfying in that it had always been the goal of Peters and of the chamber to improve the business climate in Carmichael, as well as to bring more business into Carmichael.
Furthermore, Snow praised the Fair Oaks Boulevard corridor project for bringing improvements to Carmichael.
“We’re just kind of piggybacking on that (project),” Snow said.
Snow added that the community response has been great.
“When I called all of these service clubs and scouts and everything, their immediate response was ‘Yes, absolutely count us in.’ There was not any hesitation whatsoever. And Susan Peters was very happy about it.”
Participating in this weekend’s event will be the Kiwanis Club of Carmichael, Carmichael Elks Lodge No. 2103, the Rotary Club of Carmichael, Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District, Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District, St. John The Evangelist School, Soroptimist International of Sacramento North, local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and Carmichael Creek, Carmichael Colony and Barrett Hills neighborhood associations.
From a personal standpoint, Snow understands the magnitude that improved landscaping can provide in terms of bettering the success of a business.
“My background is real estate,” Snow said. “I had 23 years in real estate and what I know is that people are drawn to the attractiveness. That’s the first thing. We always say in real estate, the first 10 seconds are most important, and that’s the time that it takes people to get out of their car and walk up to the front door.”
Melody, who serves as the executive director of the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the effect such a project can have on the community.
“I think an event like this is important, in fact, actually to do on a yearly basis where the whole community takes part,” Melody said. “I know there has been some concerns with trash thrown around or weeds growing and I think that it’s not something that just one person can do or a few people. When a community comes together and takes pride in their own community and helps to make it look better, I think it’s a place that they can then be proud of. So, that’s why the chamber is apart of this and we were able to get community organizations and groups to take part, because I think everybody cares about what their community looks like and is willing to do their part.”
In encouraging the community to participate in the event, Snow said, “This (project) will greatly improve the landscape in Carmichael, as well as earn service hours for schools. Everyone is welcome to take part.”
For additional information, contact Linda Melody at the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce at (916) 481-1002 or Cathryn Snow at (916) 804-7687.

‘Boulevard Brush Up’ very successful

Members of the community all showed up at Carmichael Park in their work clothes with sleeves rolled up and work gloves on for the Carmichael Chamber of Commerce’s “Boulevard Brush Up” on April 10.

Volunteers enjoyed beautiful weather and a delicious breakfast provided by Moka Davis, and then headed down Fair Oaks Blvd to pick up trash and pull weeds. The event was a tremendous success, as bags and bags of trash, plant materials and more were raked, swept up and disposed of.

The “Boulevard Brush Up” was sponsored by the Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association, the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association, the Carmichael Chamber, and the County of Sacramento.

The Chamber team included Howard Schmidt, chief of staff for Supervisor Susan Peters; Chamber Board members Gary Andersen of Century 21 All Professional and Bill Schlack of XLeration Services; Golden 1 Credit Union Branch Manager Julie McAndrew; Honorary Mayor of Carmichael Pauline Gilmour, and Linda Melody, Pre-Paid Legal Services and the Chamber.

The next Boulevard Brush Up will be sometime in October.