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Jack Peyton’s Bench Dedication

By James Peyton On July 28th, 2016, a bench in Land Park was dedicated to Jack Peyton. He was the beloved man of Land Park who walked his bulldog Rosebud daily. The bench was paid for by his friends, and

Opinion: Pokemon NO!

By James Peyton     In a world full of trendiness, fads, reality TV, and 15 minutes of fame, most are probably not surprised by the trend known as Pokemon GO. This is a cell phone video game published by a

Meet Sacramento’s major league’s son: Alex Kamouris

By James Peyton When I was a child, my grandmother used to drive me in her car to visit my auntie Della. This was my Grandfather’s sister, or my Grandmother’s sister-in-law. I may have met and even visited with my


By James Peyton I never thought I would meet Stan Lee. For those of you who don’t know who Stan Lee is, I will briefly explain. If you can’t believe someone wouldn’t know of Stan Lee, I have heard of

The Death of Florin Mall

By James Peyton Hello, fair readers and true believers. In the last 100 years Earth is no longer as pretty and is surely becoming one big city. I grew up in South Sacramento, it will never change back, and so


By James Peyton It was 1985 at Nicholas Elementary in Sacramento. Or was it ’84? The principal was one mustached Ron Nishimura. We had an assembly that day, and this time it was a special treat. It was a cartoonist

Forgotten Sacramento

Open 7 days a week: Reminiscing Charles Market, a Land Park convenience store By James Peyton Charles Singh had hair. But one day, as I came into his store, Charles Food Market on 2nd Avenue in Land Park, I saw

Forgotten Sacramento: Vintage vehicle renovations revisited

(Editor’s Note: In July, 1994, the writer of this article went on a cross-country walk known as the Walk for Justice. What follows are some memories of his journey.) A tanned young man with cheap looking clothes steps off the

A retrospective on artist Horst Leissl

As I child I was fascinated by The Incredible Hulk. Just about every morning from kindergarten through first grade, I looked out the window of the car and saw “The Hulk” bursting through the wall, granite flying, water splashing, the