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Meet Sacramento’s major league’s son: Alex Kamouris

By James Peyton When I was a child, my grandmother used to drive me in her car to visit my auntie Della. This was my Grandfather’s sister, or my Grandmother’s sister-in-law. I may have met and even visited with my

Local landmark, Joe Marty’s, hosts successful sporting public debut

By Gary Baker If you look in the sports pages of the local newspaper this time of year, you’ll see that baseball Spring training has already started. Similarly, if you look in the windows of 1500 Broadway, you’ll notice that

Back in the game: Joe Marty’s set to reopen in December with help from your neighbors

Three years ago, Land Park residents Devon Atlee and Jack Morris sat around their friend Tom Walcott’s house, watching the San Francisco Giants. Half way through the game they started talking about Joe Marty’s and what a shame it was