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25% of Pocket residents belong to NextDoor

By Monica Stark About a quarter of the entire Pocket neighborhood belongs to NextDoor, according to one of the lead organizers and cheerleaders of the local chapter, Kathi Windheim. It took about three years to get to the point where


Neighborhood Emergency Training discused at Pocket neighborhood meeting

“It was a dark and stormy night” …actually afternoon. Ominous heavy rains drenched the neighborhood and dark clouds provided the perfect gloomy atmosphere for emergency training. In spite of the weather though, of the more than 78 people who signed

In the Pocket

EASY MONEY: Superstition can be a powerful motivator in the art of playing the California Lottery. And many state lottery players swear certain retail ticket sellers are more fortunate than others. Into this elusive mix of serendipity and luck marches